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How to add terpenes to dry CBD extraction

Hi, fans of terpenes! In this post you will learn how to add cannabis terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) Cali Terpenes to dry extractions such as CBD hashish, CBD incense… of sandy texture and that normally have little aroma and flavour, to transform it into a much tastier extraction.

In addition, you show it to you in a tutorial video at the end of this post.

How to add terpenes to a dry extraction of CBD (Cannabidiol).


Directions for use:

  1. Remove the dry extraction with the scraper or dabber for a better distribution of the terpenes.
  2. Apply between 0.5 and 4% of terpenes directly in the extraction (ideally 1 drop per every 1 or 2 grams).
  3. Stir the terpenes and the extraction properly, so that it becomes well distributed.
  4. (Optional) Press the extraction a little, inside the alimentary plastic or the baking paper so that it becomes compact.
  5. Keep the extraction hermetically for at least 24 hours, preferably in cold (at about 7 degrees Celsius, in the fridge) so that terpenes become well integrated.
cbd hash
Terpenes increase the aroma and flavor of CBD Hash.


  1. Maximum 1 drop of terpenes for every 1 gram, ideally to test it with fewer amounts, 1 drop per 2 grams, 1 drop per 3 grams…
  2. Stir properly the terpenes in the extraction and keep it in cold hermetically.

Other more industrialised / professional methods:

Spraying on the extraction directly with terpenes

  1. Spraying on the extraction of the mixture of terpenes and organic solvents that can be easily evaporated (for instance alimentary ethanol).

Changes in the extraction:

  1. More intense aroma and flavour and of the variety that you prefer (Girl Scout Cookies, Tangie, 24K Gold…)
  2. More vivid and malleable texture.
  3. More synergy of the cannabinoids (entourage effect).

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