How to add terpenes to rosin

Dear lovers of Cali Terpenes,

In this post you will learn how to add Cali Terpenes extractions to Rosin.

This time we will encourage the use of rosin, of viscous texture and that sometimes has a little flavour and scent, to transform it into a much tastier extraction.

We show it to you in a clear tutorial video at the end of this post

rosin terpenes
Mixing rosin with terpenes

How to add terpenes to rosin:

Material required:

Directions for use:

    1. Apply between 0.5 and 4% of terpenes directly to the extraction (maximum 1 drop per each 1 gram of extraction, ideally 1 drop per 2 grams).
    2. Mix terpenes with and the extraction properly by using the scrapper or dabber so that it becomes well spread out.
    3. Keep the extraction hermetically for at least 24 hours , preferably in cold (at about 7 degrees Celsius, in the fridge) so that terpenes become well integrated.
rosin with terpenes
Rosin without terpenes on left, rosin with terpenes on the right.


  • Maximum 1 drop of terpenes per 1 gr of extraction, and it is advisable to test first with a lower amount: 1 drop per 2gr, 1 drop per 3gr…
  • Mix terpenes with the extraction properly and keep it in cold hermetically.

Changes in the extraction:

  • More intense aroma and flavour and of the variety that you prefer (Amnesia, Tangie, Blackberry Kush…)
  • More vivid and viscous texture, slight change in colour.
  • The rosin (extraction) will become easier to vape in specific vaporizers for extracts or wax.
  • Greater sinergy of cannabinoids (“Entourage effect”).

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