Cali Terpenes e-liquids with terpenes

Do you like the taste of cannabis varieties? Would you like to give up smoking and start vaping? Would you like to enjoy the taste of cannabis without ‘getting high’? Are you a fan of vaping?

If your answer is ‘YES’ to any of the questions stated above, you must read this post.

Cali Terpenes e-liquids -enjoy to the full, minimise risks:


We present the premium line of e-liquids, formulated by Dr Mariano Garcia de Palau with cannabis terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) from Cali Terpenes.

Our philosophy of e-liquids with terpenes (e-liquids cannabis flavoured) is simple: to enjoy the taste of the best cannabis varieties without generating combustion smokes.

Our e-liquids with terpenes do not contain any cannabinoid (THC, CBD, CBN or CBG) so there is no psychoactive effect or the feeling of ‘getting high’. And obviously they comply with the legislation on cannabinoids in every country. They do not either contain addictive substances like nicotine.

Terpenes are the components of the plant that provide it with the smell and the characteristic taste of every cannabis variety. Likewise, they provide our e-liquids with aroma and flavour.

Cannabis terpenes e-liquids
Terpenes are the components of the plant that provide the characteristic smell and flavor of each variety. In the same way, they are contributing flavor and aroma to our e-liquids.

Formulation of Cali Terpenes e-liquids


The formulation of our e-liquids has been carried out in collaboration with the expert in terpenes and cannabinoids Dr Mariano Garcia de Palau.

Our main aim is to be able to enjoy the aroma and flavour of the different cannabis varieties to the full.

  • Although the concept of vaping is already based on the decrease of the risks compared to smoking, (check smoking vs vaping) our philosophy of vaporisation goes beyond that. Our e-liquids contribute to a decrease of the waste after vaporising, thanks to its formulation by experts in healthcare.

In order to do this, we decrease the creation of steam -by decreasing the proportion of vegetal glycerine- by comparison with other formulations in the market.

Cali Terpenes e-liquids do not intend to offer the same amount of steam as most of the other vaping e-liquids, but a much more satisfying experience when it comes to the taste and the quality of the vaporisation.

Our formulation is more than enough to act as an intermediary of the terpenes in a very efficient way, without changing its taste, which is sweetened proportionally to the VG (vegetal glycerine) content.

Eliquids DR Mariano Garcia de Palau
The formulation of our e-liquids have been carried out in collaboration with the expert in terpenes and cannabinoids Dr. Mariano Garcia de Palau.
  • In addition, we reduce the vaping risks, which are directly linked to high vegetal glycerine (VG) proportions, in relation to its lipidic features.
  • As we will explain later in more detail, although all e-liquids, including ours, can be vaporised in any atomisers for e-liquids vaporisation, we recommend using atomisers with resistors of at least 1 ohm (ideally between 1 – 2 ohms).
  • Vaporising e-liquids with terpenes also offers a new reference in terms of flavours. It is not the same to consume terpenes without combustion than with combustion, because obviously the combustion spoils the flavours.

Improving the experience of vaping


This type of formulation and the certainly high quality of cannabis terpene profiles (cannabis aromas) from Cali Terpenes enhances the tasting and provides a wider experience.

  • For an optimal experience during the vaporisation we recommend using resistors for atomisers of at least 1 ohm, either repairable ones or ‘all in ones’, as SMOK Novo Pod have.

This way the temperature will increase more slowly, without getting at the glow plug of the resistor.

healthy vaporization
A healthy vaporization reduces around 95% risks derivated from combustion.

The temperature generated during the incandescence of the resistors is usually between 300 and 500 degrees Celsius, which might produce compounds such as acrolein or formaldehydes, which are harmful to health.

From the point of view of Cali Terpenes team, it makes no sense to vaporise with low resistors. Although a higher amount of steam is generated, it also generates higher risks and might provoke cough and irritations.

This might happen with any type of e-liquid and is an unnecessary situation during the vaporisation.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to reach these temperatures to vaporise any type of e-liquid and are not either necessary for transmitting the terpenes or any other aroma.

Vaping with high resistors as we stated before, you minimise this type of issues very efficiently.

Additionally, the quality of the materials that compound an atomiser or a vape pen is actually very important.

The elements that compound these devices heat up over 200 degrees Celsius, so the components must be reliable and long-lasting.

The periodic cleaning and maintenance of the atomiser / tank does not only renovate the resistors in terms of function and frequency of use, but it is also of high importance.

Kush eliquid
Holy Grail Kush e-liquid. Cali Terpenes e-liquids with terpenes and the SMOK Novo are the perfect combination.

Our selection:


All cannabis terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) from Cali Terpenes might be used to produce e-liquids.

However, we have wanted to offer you a selection of the most demanded varieties so far, which include a wide range of different flavours to enjoy directly at e-liquid vaporizers, pods and electronic cigarrettes (e-cigs).

    • Amnesia: intense, fresh and citric taste like lemon lime with a slight sweet and muddy touch.
    • Gorilla Glue: deep and muddy taste with a pine type pungent touch.
    • Super Lemon Haze: intense, citric and fresh with sweet touches.
    • Jamaican Dream: sweet taste with a citric and dried fruit and nuts touch like hazelnuts. Sabor dulce con toques cítricos y a frutos secos tipo avellana.
    • OG Kush: intense, fruity and citric taste with a ‘Diesel’ touch.
    • Girl Scout Cookies: sweet and muddy taste with a spicy touch.
    • Critical: intense and citric taste with a sweet taste of lemon and spices.
    • Holy Grail Kush: intense, muddy, citric and sweet taste.
    • Gelato: sweet and creamy taste with a citric touch.
    • AK 47: sweet taste that reminds of red berries with an intense touch of pine and damp earth.
    • Tangie: intense and citric taste like Diesel with a sweet touch that reminds of tangerine.
    • Blackberry Kush: fruity and sweet taste that reminds of Afghan hash.
    • Sour Diesel: intense, fresh and citric taste like Diesel, with a spicy and muddy touch.
    • Lavender: intense, fresh and floral taste with a lavender touch.
    • Cheese: sweet and citric taste, Skunk type, with a touch of mature cheese and incense.

If you miss any variety of our terpenes in the e-liquids category, remember that you can make your own e-liquids with our cannabis terpene profiles (cannabis aromas).

How? Visit our post ‘How to make e-liquids with terpenes’ and learn to make them by yourself.

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