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Super Lemon Haze, the cannabis legend, now in e-liquid

If you are an expert or a beginner in the world of cannabis, we are sure you’ve heard about the cannabis variety  Super Lemon Haze.

But, what do you know about this variety? What is it her flavor? And her aroma?

Super Lemon Haze, a legend of cannabis, now available in e-liquid:

The legendary Super Lemon Haze, original from the cannabis seedbank Green House Seeds is maybe, the last great dutch strain before boom of cannabis clubs and dispensaries at the US, specially at California and Colorado.

Since her appearance, Super Lemon Haze has been present at dutch Coffee Shop menus, but it has also been very common at American dispensaries and clubs, as well as in local cannabis asociations, from more than 10 years.

Super Lemon Haze eliquid
Super Lemon Haze, a legend of cannabis, now available in e-liquid

The origin of Super Lemon Haze:

Super Lemon Haze is the result of Green House Seeds’ work carried out at the 90s and the beginning of the century.

Born from a cross of Super Silver Haze, a masterful creation of Neville & Shanti Baba, with the tasty and productive Lemon Skunk.

Her aroma, flavor and potency have been useful to creat many quality crosses. For example, Nina Limone and Lemon Cookies, two of most demanded varieties at USA dispensaries or the last cross of Franco Loja, the famous breeder deceased in January 2017.

Lemon Cookies cannabis
Lemon Cookies and Nina Limone, two of most demanded cannabis strains at American dispensaries, are crosses of Super Lemon Haze

What makes Super Lemon Haze so special?

The cannabis variety Super Lemon Haze has a high content of THC. Studies and analysis have shown THC: 19.33% CBD: 0.21% CBN: 1.15%

These cannabinoids combined with her terpene profile, provide a powerful balanced physical and mental effect, that you can feel it quickly and for a long time. The effect is active, cerebral and cheerful, with a very pleasant physic relaxation point.

Estos cannabinoides combinados con su perfil de terpenos brindan un potente efecto equilibrado físico y mental que se siente con rapidez y es muy duradero. El efecto es activo, cerebral y alegre, pero con un punto de relajación física muy agradable. It’s perfect to stimulate the creativity, emjoy social gatherings or to use againts depression, stress or lack of appetite.

The flavor is intense, citric as lemon with touches of inciense and sweet notes of grapefruit. Without doubt, the terpenes combination (aromatic profile) of Super Lemon Haze falls in love to all users.

Adittionaly, growers all around the world and specially in Europe, but also in USA, love this strain because she is soo grateful in her production and final quality of the product.

Since her appearance, Super Lemon Haze has been recognized with many awards, and has won among others as the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008, 2009 and 2010, the IC420 Growers Cup in 2010, the Seattle Medical Cup in 2012, 2nd prize at Expogrow-Irun 2012, and 1st price Expogrow Irun 2013.

Green House coffee shop
Super Lemon Haze is the result of Green House Seeds’ work carried out at the 90s. Green House coffee shop at the picture.

The Super Lemon Haze of the future, ¡is now here!

As we explained previously, the aroma and flavor of Super Lemon Haze is undoubtedly the quality that most users in love with this variety appreciate.

The Cali Terpenes team has developed the cannabis terpene profile of Super Lemon Haze (100 concentrate aroma to Super Lemon Haze) to use in alimentation, vaporisation, cannabis industry, cosmetics,…(available soon in all sizes for the public).

This allows us to launch to the vaping market the long awaited Super Lemon Haze e-liquid, to enjoy the real flavor to this fantastic variety, without combustion and everywhere, by electronic cigarrettes, pods or vapers as Smok Novo.

Now you know Super Lemon Haze, if you already knew her, you will agree that it’s awlays good to remember her.

See you at next post,

Cali Terpenes team.

Super Lemon Haze e-liquid
The Super Lemon Haze e-liquid from Cali Terpenes let you enjoy the authentic flavor of this legendary variety, without combustion, thc or cbd.

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