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How to make e-liquid with CBD and cannabis flavor, starting from an e-liquid base with CBD:

Hello again, vaping lover! Today in Cali Terpenes, we will show you how to make your own e-liquid with CBD and cannabis flavor, starting from our e-liquid base with CBD.

In this way, you can easily create your e-liquids in the proportion of cannabis aromas (terpenes) that you like the most. If you are looking to produce large quantities of e-liquid or mix more professionally, we also recommend you visit our post “How to make CBD e-liquid with cannabis flavor from the beginning“.

How to make e-liquid with CBD and cannabis flavor, starting from an e-liquid base with CBD:

Necessary material:

• 1ml of terpenes (cannabis aromas) by Cali Terpenes, in this case we will use the awesome Zkittlez.
• 1 x CBD e-liquid base (with 100mg CBD x 10ml)
• Gloves

Steps to follow:

1. Open the container of the terpenes, removing the seal and the screw cap and leaving half the seal plug.
2. Remove the cap from the CBD e-liquid base and remove the dropper plug to add the terpenes.
3. Add from 4 to 12 drops of the terpenes (according to the desired intensity) to 10ml of CBD e-liquid.
4. Shake vigorously until mixed.

cannabis eliquid
Making cannabis flavored e-liquid with CBD is very simple, our CBD e-liquid base and about 4-12 drops of Cali Terpenes terpenes will be enough.

Proportions of terpenes on e-liquid base:

1 drop in 10ml = 0.25%
2 drops in 10 ml = 0.50%
4 drops in 10ml = 1%
8 drops in 10ml = 2%
12 drops in 10ml = 3%


• If you use more terpenes than the recommended quantity, the taste will be too intense and it will surely not be pleasant.
• Like all e-liquids, shake before using.
• We always recommend testing from less to greater quantity, since our terpenes provide flavor and aroma easily, because of their purity.

If you have any questions, ask our technical team or leave your comment below.

See you in the next post!

Cali Terpenes.

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