Cali Terpenes at Science & Cooking World Congress Barcelona 2022

The world of gastronomy is incredibly passionate, and in order to be up to date you have to know what's all the rage in new cooking techniques. That's why there are events such as the Science & Cooking World Congress in Barcelona.
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Today at Cali Terpenes we’re going to go over one of the most special events we were able to participate in this year, the 2022 Science & Cooking Barcelona World Congress held at the University of Barcelona this passed 7th, 8th and 9th of November; an event where we were able to see what the food of the future will be like.

Science & Cooking World Congress 2022

After participating in the CIB, we were looking forward to participating in the Science & Cooking Congress, but we never imagined the amazing success and response to our terpenes.

What is the Science & Cooking World Congress?

This congress has 23 offices around the world, combing chefs, students, professional researchers and food sector developers, ingredient manufacturers, farmers and important figures in the gastronomic sector.

Their main objective is to push science in the kitchen, so that gastronomy can continue to advance and become more and more professional while staying sustainable.

How did Cali Terpenes participate in this event?

We knew that if we wanted to present our aromas at this event, we had to win over the guests’ tastebuds, so we got in touch with our friends Piermateo at Wake and Bakery Barcelona and David Chef420grados to create something out of this world.

The first few days we participated in brunch and workshops, and the third day we also participated actively in the talks that took place, which we’ll go over next.

food with terpenes
During the SCWC we spent a while offering food and terpene tastings during the brunch, as well as workshops explaining what terpenes are, how they’re used in food and what they provide each dish.

Brunch with terpenes

One of the main activities of the day was brunch, where participating companies like ours prepared dishes for the guests; the perfect opportunity to allow people to discover new products, aromas and flavors. Alongside our beloved chefs, we prepared quite a surprising menu.

During brunch we offer varied dishes with terpenes varying in intensity and aromatic provile, including:

As well as amazing desserts by Wake and Bakery:

new dishes
Innovation is key when it comes to gastronomy. Terpene profiles are relatively new when it comes to cooking; it provides new aromas and flavors that are applicable to practically any dish. Above, Beetroot Tartar with Sweet Tooth Terpenes.

Workshop: Cannabis Aromas

Another activity that we participated in over the three days were the workshops, where you could visit every stand and learn more about each company interactively.

For this particular event, Chef420grados had prepared a special tasting menu including:

Additionally, Pier from Wake and Bakery was also explaining how he makes his products, as well as offering a delicious tasting of the previously mentioned dishes.

cannabis flavored food
Dessert with terpenes is always on point; beignets with cream and terpenes created by Wake and Bakery even moreso. An explosion of flavor that conquered hearts and tastebuds instantly.

Round table, Gastronomic Map

We also had a chance to explain and moderate in talks about gastronomy, learning many different historical aspects and details from different participants.

Thanks to Gustavo Turón for helping us moderate and Albert Roca, Marc Castells, Juan Alguero, Marcel Matamoros, Kendra Sepúlveda, Marisa Reig, Rafa Peña, Marta Ros and Tracy Chang for their participation.

We’d like to thank the organization and Pere Castells, president of the organizing committee for the Science and Cooking World Congress, who offered us this amazing possibility, and who has been helping us and supporting us from the start, as well as all those who came out to our stand and were interested in our hard work.

We’re quite amazed and happy, as our aromas were happily received and we were able to be visited by some amazing people that we’ve admired for so long such as Jordi Roca and Jordi Bordas. Terps everywhere!

cooking conference
During the Science & Cooking conferences that we participated in, we were able to explain what terpenes are and what our terpenes are for, as well as hearing incredibly interesting stories about other business’s models.

What did you think? The world of food is growing more and more each year! Leave a comment and let us know what you think below.

Until next time!

Cali Terpenes

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