Haze Strains and Incense: A Close Relationship

Do you know how Haze cannabis strains and incense are related? Cannabis plants and many other flowers share more qualities than you think. In the following article, we’re going to unravel this mystery.
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Most plants, flowers and fruits have many things in common with Cannabis, but there are some that bare a strikingly similar resemblance. You’ve probably tried strains that have reminded you of pine, lavender, or in this case, incense.

In this post you’ll discover how incense and some Cannabis strains are actually quite similar.

Cannabis, Haze, Incense and Terpenes

Cannabis strains are occasionally classified by the “family” they’re from, which is determined by genetic origins and gives them a series of common characteristics, mainly aroma. For example, Kush strains are known for their deep, earthy aromas with citric Diesel an pine aromas, however within this aromatic range there are also differences between the different strains.

However today we’re interested in the genetic family of Haze strains.

The combination of cannabinoids and stimulating aromatic profiles that these types of strains contain makes for a stimulating effect and a citric, incensed and spiced aroma. Obviously there can also be variations in aroma within strains of this family, with citric, herbal, incensed and fruity dominance depending on the plant.

Haze terpenes
“Haze” cannabis strains such as Gipsy Haze, whose trichomes appear in the above image, have an intense and characteristic aroma that’s mainly a combination of incensed, spiced and citric aromas.

Cannabis and Incense

There are many different incense plants, just like there are many strains of cannabis, and painkilling, calming and revitalizing properties have been attributed to both of their aromas.

Incense plants tend to have a curiously similar aroma to certain strains of cannabis such as Gipsy Haze or 10k Jack (Jack Herer Selection). Why is that?

Incense’s aromatic composition (terpene profile) contains, as a general rule of thumb, terpenes such as Pinene, Cymene, Linalool, Terpinolene and more.

This terpene composition, alongside the cannabinoids in cannabis plants, makes these types of strains produce stimulating yet relieving, pleasing effects that many cannabis consumers appreciate.

Terpenes and Haze Strains

As we were saying earlier, Cannabis strains known as Haze have an intense and highly characteristic aromatic profile in which you can easily and clearly distinguish incensed, spiced and citric aromas.

Each strain has its very own terpene proportion, and strains within the same family may have different terpenes, but there are some that tend to appear much more frequently.

essential oil incense
Incense plants have an incredibly similar aroma to Haze plants. Check it yourself by finding an incense plant to smell; you’ll be quite surprised!

What Terpenes do Haze Plants Contain

The most common and special Haze terpenes are:

Plus, there are other terpenes that are common in large amounts in most cannabis strains, including Haze strains.

These are the main terpenes that make up this type of strain’s special aromas, although there are many more that actually define each aroma.

Cannabis Strains with Aromas Similar to Incense

There are certain types of cannabis, especially those from the “Haze family”, that have aromas which are very similar to incense plants. While it’s true that there are variations within strains when it comes to both cannabis and incense, but they are incredibly similar regardless.

Some haze strains:

There are also other strains which have been crossed with Haze that also have that special aromatic touch alongside other aromas. For example:

Our terpene catalogue contains each and every one of these strains so you can enjoy their aromas. You can also get affordable kits, some of which come in Terps Spray and E-Liquid formats.

Cannabis haze
Some strains such as Super Lemon Haze or Gipsy Haze combine aromas that are super similar to incense plants. Isn’t nature interesting?

What do you think? We still have so much left to discover!

Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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