How to make e-liquid with CBD and cannabis flavour

how to make e liquid with cbd

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Hello again dear vaping lovers. Today we will show you how to make e-liquid with CBD and cannabis flavour, thanks to the doctor Mariano García de Palau and the Cali Terpenes team.

Adding hemp or cannabis extractions to the e-liquid is a very simple process, but you should be aware of the proportions if you want to get a good liquid to vape.


In this tutorial we start with 50ml of e-liquid base, with a proportion of Propylene Glycol/Vegetal glycerine 90/10, with also 1ml of terpenes from Cali Terpenes (cannabis aromas), which means 2% of terpenes in the base of e-liquid.

add cbd thc eliquid
To add CBD or THC into a e-liquid is very important to have the products analized to know their concentration.

Ingredients required:

1ml of terpenes from Cali Terpenes, Critical Jack this time.

45ml PG (Propylene Glycol), you will find on our website Propyelene Glycol in 1L format and Propylene Glycol in 100ml bottles.

5ml VG (Vegetal Glycerine), you will find on our website Vegetal Glycerine in 100ml bottles.

0.6gr of CBD concentrate, CBD Wax for this time.

*The proportion that we will use for this base of e-liquid will be 90% Propylene Glycol and 10% Vegetal Glycerine, the most similar propotion to Cali Terpenes e-liquid.

Cali Terpenes recommends a maximum amount of 15/20% of Vegetal Glycerine into the e-liquid base, to guarantee a faithful taste to the added aroma and also a healthier vaporization.

You can change the proportion of the base of e-liquid or the terpenes amount depending on what you like more, but we recommend to use max. 20% of vegetal glycerine and 4% of terpenes from Cali Terpenes.

You should also think that vaporized extractions have a superior effect than smoked, so you need to make a solution adapted to your needs, you must be careful with the proportion used.

how to make eliquid with cbd
The process to make your own e-liquid is very easy, but be careful with the proportions.

Material required:

  • Gloves
  • Flask
  • Magnetic stirrer (it is not strictly necessary, but it reduces the time of mixing and makes the mixture more homogeneous).

Directions for use:

  1. Weigh the extracion, CBD Wax in this time, to be able to make a dissolution adapted to your needs and without too much power. We will add 0.6gr to 51ml of e-liquid base in this time. Is really important to have analized the extraction used also also know the origin.
  2. Add the extraction to the base of e-liquid which is contained in the flask.
  3. Place the closed flash on the magnetic stirrer, raising the revolutions little by little until a “cone” forms in the central part.
  4. For an homogeneous dissolution we recommend to wait around 6 hours with the magnetic stirrer, so you
  5. Para una disolución homogénea recomendamos dejar agitando unas 6 horas en el agitador magnético,since you will not have to make effort and in this way you will guarantee the quality of the e-liquid.
  6. Let the e-liquid to rest for a whilte before starting to vape it for first time, so it will be a little bit hot after the process with magnetic sitter.

Tutorial vídeo below, how to make e-liquids with CBD and cannabis flavour. Any doubt leave your comment or ask to our technical team by email, phone or social media tools.

If you don’t know how to make a e-liquid base, visit our post how to make e-liquid.


    • Clean and/or sterilize the material that you are going to use.
    • Use gloves of latex, vinile, nitrile,…to take care of your hands during the process.
    • Do not add too much amount of extraction, if you make a too thick e-liquid you will spoil the vaporizer of e-liquid. If you n No añadas mucha cantidad de extracción, ya que si haces una e-liquid muy espeso estropearás el vaporizador de e-liquid. If you want a vaporizable format with a higher concentration of cannabinoids, add only terpenes to your CBD Wax and use vaporizers for extracions or vape pens for wax/distillates.

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