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Terp Station by Cali Terpenes, the Best Way to Taste Pure Terpenes

You’ve probably wondered if it’s possible to taste pure terpenes, and if so, how would you go about tasting each aromatic profile before using it? Terp Station has the solution, allowing you to enjoy the aroma and flavor of your terpenes. Discover more here.
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Did you know that there’s a way to enjoy the flavor and aroma of terpenes in their purest state? Today we’re going to explain how to taste the flavor and aroma of each terpene profile before adding them to other products by using our Terp Station.

Plus, Terp Station is also super useful in stores, as well as at expos and at events, because it allows customers and consumers to try each aromatic strain in an easy, simply manner.

Terp Station, Terpene Aroma and Flavor Testing

The following is a video detailing how to use Terp Station

What is Terp Station?

Tutorial video:

Terp Station is the best way for anyone to taste terpene profile aromas and flavors. The ideal way to set up a small terpene tasting stand or event anywhere you want.


  • 3 x “cold vapes” (borosilicate glass pipes), essential for tasting each aromatic profile.
  • Cold vaporizer stand to keep them all in the same place.

This is the perfect kit for tasting each and every Cali Terpenes’ aromatic hints and flavors.

How to Use the Terp Station Cold Vapes

These cold vaporizers (essentially borosilicate pipettes for aroma tasting) are super easy to use and allow you to enjoy every aromatic aspect of our cannabis terpene profiles. Simply:

  1. Place a drop of terpenes in the wide end and allow it to roll down the glass.
  2. Place your mouth to the wide end while keeping the pipe vertical. Breath in lightly to experience every hint and flavor that the terpenes have to offer.

*You can also smell the terpenes through the wide end in order to have an idea of how your products will end up smelling after applying terpenes.

Made out of Coe 3.3 borosilicate glass, handblown by Bhoro33.


  • Clean the pipes with pharmaceutical grade alcohol and dry well after using so that no terpenes or alcohol remain in the tube.
  • Don’t mix aromas (terpene profiles) in the same pipe.
  • Borosilicate glass pipes are incredibly delicate, hand-made objects. Take special care not to drop them or they will break.

Does your regular Terp supplier not have a Terp Station? Ask them to get one 🙂

Do you own a store and stock our terpenes? Get in touch with or sales team and get this terpene tasting stand; elegant, attractive and functional, this stand helps you to display your products better and considerably increase sales.

how to vaporize terpenes
Vaping terpenes to taste their pure flavor is super easy with Terp Station.

Cali Terpenes has a catalogue of 47 different aromatic profiles. Terp Station is sure to help you decide which is your favorite!

Remember to check out our terpene guide to find out all the tips and hints when it comes to using our aromas.

We hope you’re looking forward to enjoying this creation that we’re genuinely proud of (and can’t stop using!). Have a wonderfully aromatic day!

Many thanks to La Huerta Grow Shop for collaborating with us in this fantastic tutorial video that we’re sure will help you out.

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