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Dear friends of terpenes, in this post you will find what Myrcene is, where it can be found and what its properties are, so that you can get a clear overview of this component.

What is Myrcene?

Myrcene is an organic compound mainly classified as hydrocarbon and more specifically as monoterpene.

This terpene is one of the main components of the essential oils of most of the cannabis plants and other plants and flowers such as thyme, oregano or hop.

The Cali Terpenes cannabis terpene profiles (cannabis aromas) contain more than 40 different terpenes and sesquiterpenes per variety.

Its vaporization temperature is between 166 and 168 degrees Celsius.

Myrcene plays a very important role in them because it has numerous beneficial properties.

Marijuana myrcene
Myrcene is present in many marijuana plants and also in other plants like thyme

What are Myrcene’s properties?

Myrcene has numerous properties, the same as most terpenes.

  • Analgesic, relaxant and sedative: there are several researches, especially on animals, on the effect of Myrcene as an analgesic, being also sedative and relaxant.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Myrcene acts as an anti-inflammatory because it interferes in the signposting channel of prostaglandins, which are the cellular intermediary in different fields.
  • It facilitates a better absorption of the cannabinoids: Myrcene alters the blood-brain barrier which allows the brain to assimilate better cannabinoids like THC or CBD.
Myrcene cannabis
Myrcene is one of most usual terpenes in cannabis plants

Varieties with high percentage of terpenes

Myrcene is usually found in most varieties of cannabis. It is normally found in a higher proportion in Indica varieties but it can also found it in Sativa varieties.

The mix of Myrcene with other terpenes for example Caryophyllene in similar proportions and with similar properties (sedative, anti-inflammatory, relaxant) usually appears in Indica varieties. Consequently, Indica ones have those effects.

On the contrary, if Myrcene is found in similar proportions on terpenes with different properties such as Limonene or Pinene, its sedative or narcotic effect is not as much boosted. That’s why it’s possible to find high concentrations of Myrcene in Sativa varieties.

Myrcene Indica
You can find high levels of Myrcene in many Indica cannabis strains like Sensi Star, Furious Candy or TNT Kush

5 examples of varieties with high percentage of Myrcene:

Sensi Star: Indica cannabis variety of unknown genetics whose sedative power is well-known in the cannabis world.
Furious Candy: this Indica cannabis variety comes from the hybrid of Papa’s Candy and G.White Shark, with a powerful sedative effect, has a especially sweet combination of terpenes, in which Myrcene predominates.
TNT Kush: This cannabis strain classified as 100% Indica from Eva Seeds and  originally from Pakistan, especially famous for its sedative properties, which are also helps to relax muscles and relieving some pains.
AK 47: This cannabis variety mainly Sativa, hybrid of Colombia x Mexico x Thailand x Afghanistan, is legendary for its active effect as well as pleasant effect that helps to improve your mood.
Cinderella 99: It is a cannabis variety mainly Sativa whose genetics comes from Princess x P94, with a rather citrus terpenes profile, in which Myrcene predominates.

Myrcene sativa
You can also find high levels of Myrcene in Cannabis Sativa strains.

We hope you found it useful.

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