What is a-Pinene? Information about terpenes

what is pinene terpene

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Welcome back dear aroma’s lovers!

Today we are going to discover what α-Pinene is, the properties and other curiosities, such the varieties rich in α-Pinene.

What’s α-Pinene? Information about terpenes:

Pinene is an organic compound of classified as terpene. It is found in the essential oils of many plants and trees, especially in pine, but it’s also found in rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis), in Cannabis, as one of the main terpenes, in sage and in some citrus fruits.

The perfume that distinguishes it reminds of Pine, wood with earthy notes and touches of eucalyptus.

pinene terpene

What properties does α-Pinene have?

Usually in homeopathic herbs and for cold remedies, alpha-pinene can be found, especially in the “turpentine”, which is the resin distilled from pine trees.

Turpentine was widely recognized as a medicinal treatment at some point in history. Juniper blackberries, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil contain this chemical compound.

  • There are researches on α-Pinene that confirmed it is analgesic, bronchodilator, antibacterial and has anti inflammatory action.
  • Recent studies state that it can also act as memory improver.

α-Pinene acts in synergy with cannabinoids and can amplify and/or modulate their effects.

5 Examples of varieties with high % of α-Pinene:

There are terpenes profiles (aroma) of some Cannabis strains that they can be almost half of α-Pinene, so we can say that it’s one of the main and most characteristic terpenes of cannabis plants.

In plants, it mainly has a protective function against insects, but it’s also responsable for the fragance of the intense essential oil of cannabis flowers.

entourage effect cannabis
The pinene acts in synergy with cannabinoids, modulating its effect. This is known as the entourage effect or entourage effect.

1) Wifi OG: Also know as White Fire OG, its flowers have strong brain effects and are perfect for those who prefer to use cannabis during the day. This strain combines the best characteristics of its parents: the sour, earthy and diesel aroma of the Fire OG and the high resin production of The White, leaving the plant white for the crystalline trichomes.

2) Critical: Who has not ever tried this variety? And who did not want to repeat? Critical is a really famous classic. Since the ’90 she gives us incredible balances effects for body and mind. It’s really appreciated because of her ability to produce large amounts of fat buds. The Critical comes from a cross between Afghani and Skunk #1, it’s very sweet and citrus.

3) Lavender: It’s an indica variety that provides wonderful relaxation. This strain is born form the cross between Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, Afghani and Hawaiian. Its unique flavor and aroma of lavender and flowers with touches of pine is really special. Since 2005, she has won many awards and is the choice of anyone who wants to relax while maintaining brain lucidity to fully enjoy its effects!

4) High Level: High Level cannabis strain is born with the aim of offering a 100% sativa variety with Haze genetics but without the incense flavor and aroma typical of these genetics, but looking for a sweeter and fruitier flavor. High Level has strong sweet taste of ripe fruits with spicy touches like pepper, a stimulating, cerebral and creative effect.

5) Black Dream: this strain from Eva Seeds, is a cross between the famous Jamaican Dream and an elite clone of Black Domina. The result is a strong, vigorous plant, with very resinous and compact buds with an intense aroma of fruit, spices and wood. It has an intense sweet and fruity flavor with spicy peppery touches. She has a very powerful and balanced effect, ideal for meetings with friends or to escape after a hard day of work.

black dream by eva seeds
The cannabis strain Black Dream by Eva Seeds has a high content of Pineno terpene.

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