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Welcome back terpenes lovers! Surely you have heard more than once about the entourage effect.

In this post we’ll explain what the entourage effect is, what physically and mentally produces and how to improve this property in some of your products.

Entourage effect: What is it?

A lot of research claims that what really stands out about the cannabis plant are the effects of its combined elements.

For this reason, nowadays many studies are focused not just on the isolated cannabinoids, but on the other cannabis components.

The entire extraction of the plant typically include THC, CBD and up to more than 400 traces of different compounds, including terpenes.

The term “entourage effect” was introduces in 1999 by Rafael Mechoulam, an Israelite researcher with the passion for cannabis who also became famous for being the first to isolate THC and CBD.
The scientist confirmed in a study that some components of the cannabis plant did’t have as much effect if they acted separately, but they became more effective if they were combined with other plant molecules, such as terpenes (aromas).

cannabis entourage effect
the “entourage effect” refers to the synergy and improvement of the effect of a cannabis product (flower, extract, tincture, …) due to a greater presence of elements that act in groups, such as terpenes with cannabinoids.

In few words, the “entourage effect” refers to the synergy and improvement of the effect of a cannabis product (flower, extract, tincture, …) due to a greater presence
of elements that act in groups, such as terpenes with cannabinoids.

Few years later, Dr. Ethan Russo also investigated the matter, confirming that if terpenes are combined with cannabinoids, the effects of the latter can be amplified.

Terpenes can work to enhance the effect of cannabinoids, and each has its own unique impact on the human body, even if taken individually.

What produces the entourage effect on my body and on my mind?

Cannabis act on certain receptors in our body, producing sensations and effects when we consume it.

Cannabinoids act directly on some receptors in the human body and the nervous system.

The entourage effect is an increase in the effectiveness and, ultimately, of the effect that a cannabis consumable has, caused by a greater number of components, instead of consuming, for example, just isolate THC, which has a standard effect.

entourage effect
What the entourage effect is? How affect to your body and mind?

How to improve the entourage effect of the cannabis products?

Some times have you ever tried a herb or extract that had a great effect, or some strain that didn’t.

Terpenes (aromatic profile) of each plant, act on our receptors, normally allowing better absorption of the cannabinoids, in addition to modulating their effects.

What does it mean that terpenes modulate the effects? An example: suppose that you have two strains of flowers or extracts, both with the same ratio of cannabinoids (THC, CBD…), but each one has a completely different effects.

This is due to the amount of each single terpene that each strain contains, which will determine its final effect.

Another example: if you have a cannabis concentrate (like rosin extraction) which, for whatever reason, does not have much aroma (since during the extraction, cultivation or drying process of the flowers it has lost aroma).

If the concentrate has a low quantity of terpenes it will have a lighter and more standard effect. If you add terpenes on this extraction, for example “Jamaican Dream”, it will have greater potency, if will take part of its sativa and energetic effect and also its aroma and flavor.

terpenes and rosin
Adding terpenes to rosin or other cannabis extracts and concentrates improves its aroma, flavor and increases and modulates its final effect.

Visit our post how to add terpenes to rosin if you want to know more about it.

In the following video you’ll see a review (with a touch of humor), of the awesome team of “En Volá” from Chile.

They will explain what the entourage effect is and they will checking the terpenes effects personally, among other interesting things.

For any question leave your comment or get in touch with our technical department.

See you the next!

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