Buy Cali Terpenes online:

How to buy terpenes, e-liquids and other products:

The online purchase process is very simple. Just explore our website and press the ‘add to my basket’ button on the products you want to buy, selecting previously the quantity and format of the product.

Once you have added your products to your basket, just click on the basket (upper right corner on our website), choose your gift -depending on your cost- and press ‘process my order’.

Then, follow the instructions for the method of payment and shipment that appear on screen.

To process an online order properly, you will have to introduce all the real data for a satisfying delivery. You must register on our website to be able to order online.

Is there a minimum amount for purchase?

There is no minimum amount for purchase on our website, only the amount of the product that you want to purchase.

How can I purchase your products for my business, production or wholesale?

If you need any products with terpenes or e-liquids for sale in your business, for distributing or for production, contact our commercial team here:

Can I modify my purchase?

We try to send our orders as soon as we receive your payment -even before in case of cash on delivery.

In consequence, if you need to modify your order, contact us as soon as possible.

Can I repeat my last order easily?

Yes, you can. If you access your account, you will see the category ‘purchase order history’. Go there and you will be able to see all your orders, as well as repeat easily an order.

How can I cancel my order?

In order to cancel your order, log in to your account, access your ‘purchase order history’, then access the order and select ‘cancel my order’.

If you have problems to cancel your order, contact our team.

Prices and payment:

How can I pay my order?

Our available payment methods are the following:

. Cash on delivery (only peninsular Spain).

. Credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard…)

. Bank transfer

How to pay by credit card?

Once all your desired products are in your basket, press ‘Process my order’ and you will get to the selection of payment method.

Select ‘credit or debit card’ and confirm your payment.

Once you are in the ‘payment gateway’, you will only have to introduce your credit card number, the date of expiry and the security code of 3 digits.

*The payment by credit card usually takes a maximum of 24 hours to take place, although it is usually immediate.

**The charge in your account will appear under the name of Cali Terpenes S.L.

How to pay by a bank transfer?

Once all your desired products are in your basket, press ‘Process my order’ and you will get to the selection of the payment method.

Select ‘bank transfer’ and confirm your order.

You will see all data and the total cost for the transfer on the final screen of your order, and you will also receive an email with the same data.

Use your order number as a reference for your payment. Bank transfers usually take 3-7 working days. If you want a faster payment method, choose credit or debit card.

How to pay in cash on delivery?

Once all your desired products are in your basket, press ‘process my order’ and you will access the election of the payment method.

Select ‘cash on delivery’ and confirm your order.

Your order will have to be paid in cash once you receive it.

*This payment method is only available for orders from Spain (peninsula).

Can I pay with PayPal?

We apologise for the inconvenience, but we do not offer payment with PayPal.

Do you offer special prices or discounts?

Yes, we do. Not only terpenes but also e-liquids have a discount for amount of purchase.

If you need our products for their sale or production, contact our commercial team.

We have also the category "Packs" and also "Offers", check it if you want to save money in your purchases.

Shipment and delivery:

Are terpenes legal in my country?

Terpenes are legal worldwide, in every single country in the world, so we deliver them without any problems everywhere.

The only exception is Argentina, a country where it is only permitted the importation of terpenes for food production. If this is your case, contact our commercial team.

Are e-liquids legal in my country?

Our e-liquids do not contain nicotine, so they are legal worldwide, except for those countries where the importation of e-liquids is prohibited, such as Argentina.

Do you deliver in my country?

We deliver nationally and internationally:

Terpenes: we deliver terpenes worldwide, except for terpenes in ‘aroma for vaporiser’ format in Argentina, where it is only allowed the importation of terpenes in ‘food flavouring’ format.

E-liquids: we deliver e-liquids worldwide, except for Argentina, where importation of e-liquids is not allowed.

Food with terpenes: we deliver food with terpenes only in the European Community.

Vaping accessories, laboratory tools and merchandising: we deliver worldwide.

How can I track my order?

In order to track your order, follow the instructions that you will receive in your email once your order has been sent.

Which company do you contract to deliver your products?

National deliveries: Correos Express

International deliveries: UPS

When is my order delivered?

Most orders are delivered in 24 hours after your payment. Shipments are made Monday to Friday. If you order your products on a Friday after 12pm, it might be sent on the following Monday.

When will I receive my order?

Most orders (national orders) are delivered in a period of 24/48 hours after being sent.

Most orders (international orders) are delivered in a period of 3-7 days after being sent.

Due to causes beyond the control of Cali Terpenes your delivery might suffer from some delay after the shipment. In this case, contact us and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Can I change my delivery address once it has been sent?

If your order has not been sent yet, you can contact us to change your delivery address, the recipient name or any other information.

Once your order has left the warehouse it is much more difficult to ensure a change in your address, so please make sure that you introduce the correct address from the beginning.

What can I do if I don’t receive my order?

If you don’t receive your order in the estimated delivery days, remember that you will receive instructions to track your order. Also bear in mind that you can contact us with any problem.

My account

How can I create my account / how can I register in Cali Terpenes?

It is very easy and fast. To create an online account in Cali Terpenes you only must press ‘Log in’ (upper right corner on our website) and then press ‘I don’t have an account- register here’.

To finish the creation of your account, fill out the data and confirm.

How can I modify my current information?

You can edit and modify your personal data whenever you need it in ‘Personal Information’ on your account.

Do I have to register on your website to make an order?

Yes, you do. With the correct data for a successful delivery.


I regret my order, can I get a refund?

If you have received your order, you have 14 days to decide if you keep it or not.

It will only be refunded the items that are in their original packaging without being open.

The 14-day period starts when you receive your product.

You should let us know before to pick up the product.

Once your order is in our premises, we will refund your money.

*If the order is sent urgently, it will be discount in the refund the cost of the delivery.

I haven’t received all my products, what can I do?

If you haven’t received all your products, contact us and we will revise the images that we have of your order.

If, after checking, we confirm that some products haven’t been delivered, we’ll send you the item without any costs for you.

I have received a faulty product, what can I do?

If you receive a faulty product in your order, contact us and we’ll see what product it is and in case of being faulty, we’ll send it again.

Privacy and security

Why do you need my personal data?

We need your personal data only to send you your order, contact you for any reasons concerning your order or send you information -in case you have accepted the newsletter subscription.

Who can see my personal data?

Only the staff that sends your order and the website staff. If you want to delete your account, contact us.