The food industry is firmly the sector in which cannabis terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) have a greater potential.

Why? Very easy. Flavourings and aromas in the food industry are practically used from the beginning, so the use of our products in their production chain will not represent any problems.

Moreover, one of the advantages of our terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) is again the wide aromatic range that they provide to food and drinks.

The user can also notice the aromas and flavours first and then in a retro nasal phase, which increases the quality of the gastronomic experience.

We have more than 45 different varieties of cannabis terpenes profiles, so we are talking about 45 different flavours and aromas that can be added to any types of food or drink.

If you need our terpenes (cannabis aromas) for your restaurant, cocktail bar or food production, you will need the food format, offered in fat soluble version and water soluble version.

If you need them for professional use, visit our professional access.

Cannabis beer


Some examples of food and drinks with terpenes are the following:

  • Appetizers and snacks: chips, cereal bars…
  • Sauces and honey: jam, canned fruit, compotes, honey, marmalades, syrups…
  • Ice cream and dairy products: ice creams, butter, creams, yogurts, milkshakes...
  • Sweets: confectionery, bakery, cookies, chewing gums, candies, sweets, jelly, confectionery and bread, nougat, chocolate, chocolates…
  • Alcoholic drinks: derivates, liquors, moonshines, creams, liquors of low graduation, aperitif, vermouths, beers, tonic wines, aperitif without wine base, fortified wines with aroma…
  • Drinks: sparkling water, soda, fizzy drinks, soft drinks…

Terpenes in food industry


Are you aiming for producing food or a drink with cannabis flavour that will succeed? We will help you!

In Cali Terpenes we are used to working with food producers of different sectors.

So, if you want to produce food or a drink with flavor and aroma to cannabis, we recommend contacting our technical team, so that we can give you the best solution and help you during the research and development stages.

Our laboratory will be also able to provide other personalised solutions if necessary.

On the other hand, we guarantee the stock to manufacture your product, we have a permanent stock of raw materials.


We are the first company offering cannabis aromas special for beverages, which will enable you to make drinks with an homogenic cannabis flavour.

These original versions of water-soluble terpenes have enabled the production of very successful drinks by a huge number of companies since the beginning of 2018.

If you produce drinks, contact us.

Water soluble cannabis terpenes aromas