Cali Terpenes is the producer of the best terpenes’ profiles (cannabis aromas) of the most well-known, valued and special varieties of cannabis in the world

Our aromatic profiles are worldwide leaders in quality:

  • Aroma and flavour faithful to every cannabis variety.
  • 100% pure terpenes.
  • 0% added solvents.
  • 100% legal worldwide.
  • Organic and of natural origin.
  • Free of transgenics (NO GMO).
  • 0% THC, CBD, CBG or any other cannabinoids.
  • 0% propylene glycol (PG), 0% vegetal glycerine (VG).
  • Raw materials of European origin.

Cali Terpenes info


Terpenes are the aromatic part of the essential oils that are found in most plants, flowers and fruits, cannabis among them.

Cannabis has a wider and more diverse aromatic profile than a lot of other plants, that’s why we consider it a plant with very especial organoleptic qualities, which plenty of products could benefit from.

However, every terpene in cannabis can be found to a greater or lesser extent in other plants, fruits and flowers.

That’s why in Cali Terpenes we produce aromatic profiles of the varieties of cannabis -cannabis terpenes profiles- manufactured from organic terpenes which do not come from cannabis but from other plants, flowers and fruits.


As we explained before, cannabis terpenes profiles are aromatic profiles of the varieties of cannabis to be used in several fields.

Our cannabis terpenes profiles are faithful to every variety of cannabis, mainly thanks to our process:

  • We grow all varieties of cannabis -obviously obeying the law-, from original clones or elite clones, to ensure the most popular version of the plant.
  • We extract the terpenes of the cannabis flowers, grown in excellent conditions to guarantee a complete aromatic profile.
  • In our laboratories, we analyse the complete aromatic profile of the extraction of cannabis terpenes and we reproduce it faithfully with natural terpenes that come from other plants rather than cannabis.

As a result, we get a terpenes profile identical to the extraction of cannabis terpenes, more long-lasting and cleaner than the original, free of water, pesticides, heavy metals or GMO.

This is also thanks to the use of isolated terpenes of the best certified quality.

What are terpenes


Terpenes from Cali Terpenes have an enormous number of uses, let your imagination flow, here we show you some examples:

- Vaping

- Food and drinks


- Cannabis sector

- Aromatherapy

Our catalogue of terpenes is very large, with the best varieties in the world.

There are thousands of varieties of cannabis and possible combinations of terpenes, so we also produce personalised terpenes profiles.

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