Cali Terpenes is best known for the production of cannabis terpene profiles (cannabis aromas) for use in food, aroma therapy, cannabisvaping and cosmetics industries.

Thanks to the revolutionary Terps Spray®, you can add the characteristic aromas of cannabis strains such as Amnesia or Gipsy Haze to all kinds of edibles, herbs or herbal extracts.

Terps Spray

Terps Spray® by Cali Terpenes:

Since its inception, Cali Terpenes has produced cannabis aromas for a multitude of uses.

After years of seeing the needs and possible improvements, especially at the level of use in production, Cali Terpenes is pleased to present Terps Spray®

  • With Terps Spray you can apply terpenes to large quanties of food, flowers, etc ... in few seconds, easily and effectively.
  • Terps Spray allows that the characteristic cannabis aromas can be added in a homogeneous way to products in which their application was more difficult.
  • This innovative system will greatly streamline your production chain.

Can you imagine aromatizing almost anything in a few seconds? Imagine no more and take action!

Terps Spray, using terpenes has never been so easy

What does Terps Spray contain?

  • Food grade Nitrogen, which only serves to drive the terpenes towards the micro-spray valve.

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