Cali Terpenes Collaborates with the Plant for the Planet Project to Reforest Doñana with 500 New Trees

2021 has been a challenge for everyone, which is why we’ve decided to send the year off on a good note, and we’ve given the planet a beautiful Christmas gift. There’s a lot of ways to give nature its power back, and planting trees is one of them.

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We’re excited to begin this project with Plant for the Planet, and we would like to thank you all – without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for the trust put in us this year by our followers, customers, stores, distributors and producers – all of you have contributed to create a greener future for our planet.

We’re at the start of a beautiful journey and we’d like to invite you to help it last – this is only starting… First, let’s take a look at what Plant for the Planet is and what they’re doing in Doñana.

What is Plant for the Planet?

This project was born from one idea; planting trees to fight against climate change. We need to reverse the damage that we’ve caused to the environment, this is a simple fact – another fact is that sometimes this can be overwhelming and we’re not sure what to do. That’s why Plant for the Planet was created, to act as a sort of catapult – to go from good intentions, to great actions.

Everything started out in 2006 with their “plant a billion trees” campaign, an initiative by Wangari Maathaim an ecologist from Kenya who received the Nobel peace prize in 2004. This first step was the inspiration that truly propelled Plant for the Planet, a project that, with the motto “stop talking and start planting” is attempting to reforest natural areas that have been damaged all around the globe.

Reforestation is not just planting trees – reforestation allows for the recovery of natural biodiversity. Thousands of plant and animal species can slowly recover; nature is wise, it just needs a little help.

A Project that’s Growing Yearly

What started off as Wangari Maathai’s vision turned out to become much more after his death; the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) made this program available for the younger members of Plant for the Planet, who have done an incredible job of raising awareness around the world.

Sometimes, the unfiltered, unhindered message of a child is needed so that us adults realise that we don’t have a planet B, and that it’s time to get to work in order to repair the damage we’ve done to the enviroinment.

In 2011, one of those kids brought a project to the United Nations that, after much evolution, had become to plant a trillion trees.

What Does Plant for the Planet Do?

As we were saying, many things have happened since this project started in 2007. Nowadays, Plant for the Planet has projects in many different places; Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Kenya, Madagascar – there’s are only some of the countries where this initiative is reforesting affected areas.

They’re not just involved in actively planting millions of trees; this non-profit organization is focusing on raising awareness and teaching future generations about ecology. This is why this project has academies where children can learn about the climate crisis, and what to do to help stop or slow it down.

The future is in all of their hands – creating a new awareness surrounding ecology in new generations is essential if we want a greener tomorrow.

climate change information
One of Plant for the Planet’s most important projects is education thousands of kids, making climate justice ambassadors in the process; they’re the future of our planet. An aware society is a stronger, more prepared society.

From Intention to Action

Nowadays, this project plants over 5,500 trees on average a day, and through their 1500 academies they’ve reached over 91,000 kids in 75 countries. This has allowed them to compensate tonnes of CO2 every year.

In order to spread their message, this organization uses campaigns such as the one we mentioned before, stop talking start planting, as well as new technologies to spread these campaigns. They’ve created an app where any user can participate by planting trees in different projects around the globe.

Why does Cali Terpenes Want to Plant Trees?

When we discovered this project, we felt connected to both their mission and ideals, which is why we wanted to start collaborating with them. As nature enthusiasts, we know all about the health benefits, and we loved the simplicity and precision that Plant for the Planet has when explaining the direct benefits of reforestation.

Just like us, this organization is using science to work with nature to improve it. This is why a group of scientists have made this planet-saving vision available in numbers and statistics.

Numbers don’t lie

Did you know that our plant was originally home to 6 BILLION trees? Sadly, human kind has destroyed half of these trees. Restoring what we once had is essential for the ecosystem, as trees play quite an important part; capturing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Ideally, we should restore the tree population to its former glory – the three billion that we’ve destroyed. However, this isn’t really feasible due to logistical issues; we need space to grow crops and for cities, towns etc.

However, experts have calculated that it’s possible to reforest a billion trees without causing any space issues on the planet – this is Plant for the Planet’s mission.

What are the Benefits of Planting 1 Billion Trees?

  • Once those billion trees have grown, there will be a total of 488 to 1012 less tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere – this is quite a staggering figure. In simpler terms, we would reduce between 1/4th and ½ of the amount of CO2 produced by human activity, which, as of now (without those billion trees) stands at 2.2 billion tonnes.
  • Restoring deforested areas can save both plant species as well as animal species – over half of all life on earth lives in forests.
  • Planting a billion trees would also increase water quality and decrease land erosion.

A Company Forest Project: Cali Terpenes Reforesting Doñana

One of the many projects that this organization is running can be found here in Spain, specifically in the Doñana natural park (Reforesting Doñana). The objective is to recover the amazing biodiversity that this area had before the fires in 2017, which tore through Pinar de las Peñuelas, Mazagón, Huelva.

When we found out about this initiative, we realized that we had to help make it possible, which is why we’ve donated a large sum of what we’ve made this year selling our terpenes.

We think that this is one of the best ways to give nature back what it so generously gives us; reforesting this area will clean the air and create large amounts of terpenes in the process.

For this reason, we have collaborated with this organization to plant 500 trees in this beautiful natural setting that we undoubtedly need to recover.

You can Plant Trees in Doñana Too

The reforestation project in Doñana National Park is open to everyone, both companies and the general public can contribute to this initiative. It doesn’t need to be a large investment either – every little helps!

As of now, Cali Terpenes has collaborated with 500 trees, but… How may more could we plant if we combine our forces? That’s why we’ve left a link down below that you just have to click to contribute. There’s also a counter, so we can all see how many trees we’ve managed to add.

Plan: Stop Talking, Start Planting

Just like their slogan says, getting to work is the most important part of all of this, which is why a guide was established early on during this project:

  • Initial phase (2020 – 2021), plant 65,000 trees in Doñana.
  • Final objective: (2020 – 2030), plant 600,000 trees.

As it stands, this 9000-hectare area could be reforested within 8 years.

planting trees
Another important Plant for the Plant campaign is getting to their goal of planting a trillions tees; every day they plant an average of 5000 trees.

How is Doñana Natural Park Going to be Reforested?

The reforestation of Doñana natural park is being done in collaboration with the Andalucia Director of Biodiversity, Protected Spaces and Natural Environments, and the Spanish Plant for the Planet foundation.

This space, which has also been declared a World Heritage site, is one of the biggest eco reserves in Europe, and it has over 200,000 different types of species.

Thanks to all of you, we have had the honor to be able to participate in this amazing project by planting 500 trees, but this is only the beginning.

Our little grain of salt is just the start of a journey that we hope you’ll accompany us on. Not only do we want to plant more trees, but we also want to show you what the process is like, step by step.

Check out the following video and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s definitely one of the most entertaining reforestation and climate justice awareness acts that we’ve ever seen, created by Saturday Night Live.

Keep an eye out, we’ll be updating you on the progress made in this amazing project!

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