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Cali Terpenes is the leading product in quality production of cannabis terpene profiles (cannabis aromas) in liquid and spray formats, e-liquids with terpenes (with and without cbd)

Customer opinion


Raw Hemp, Suecia

“In our search to create a fantastic vaping experience for our customers, we’ve decided to collaborate with Cali Terpenes to get the highest quality from our products.

Cali Terpenes’ Terpenes have the natural aroma and flavor that we’ve been looking for and that our customers love.”


Sir Hopper, Argentina

“I arrived at Cali Terpenes in search of high-quality terpenes to make my Hemp IPA. They advised me from the very start.

My terpene beers have achieved such a high quality that I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world.”


Sanson Craft Beer, Argentina

“Excellent product, high quality, increasing the sensorial profile of our brews by immeasurable bounds.

We’re very happy to be able to work with Cali Terpenes”

Javi Garrido X Cali Terpenes

CBD & Sports

Find out how and for which high-level athletes use products with CBD and/or terpenes.