Welcome to a world of sensory possibilities at Cali Terpenes, where innovation meets nutrition. We are delighted to present our category of food with terpenes.

Here, science and gastronomy come together to provide you with a unique culinary experience that will transport you to new horizons.

Food with terpenes for nutrition is a revolutionary trend that combines the science of terpene profiles with culinary creativity. Terpenes are compounds found naturally in all kinds of plants, flowers, and fruits, responsible for their aromas and flavors.

At Cali Terpenes, we have embraced this science and applied it to enhance your favorite culinary experiences. How? By creating complex terpene compounds (terpene profiles) that perfectly mimic cannabis aromas but which, given their complexity, can also be used as more abstract scents such as "Mediterranean aromas" or "tropical," etc. if you're looking to apply different flavors without associating them with cannabis.

Comida cannábica

  • New flavors: discover new tastes and aromatic nuances in your favorite foods and drinks. Complex and truly surprising aromas.
  • Variety of products: find a range of very different options to satisfy your cravings and preferences.
  • Possible health benefits: terpenes have beneficial properties for the body in appropriate proportions, adding an additional benefit to your food choices.

Comida sabor cannabis

At Cali Terpenes, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional online shopping experience, with fast deliveries and efficient customer service. Explore our food with terpenes category, immerse yourself in a world of exciting flavors and aromas, and get ready for a gastronomic adventure that will leave you wanting more. Travel to the future of food, today.

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Comida con terpenos

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Discover a delightful world of flavor and aroma with Wonderland, a beer infused with Cali Terpenes terpenes crafted by Barcelona's Bierboi brewery. A whirlwind of fruity, tropical, sweet, spicy, resinous, herbal, and Kush-inspired flavors, where hop aromas and cannabis terpenes harmoniously...

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Price €3.57 Regular price €3.97

Ketama is a terpene-infused beer crafted by Atipik Brew. It's a remarkable West Coast IPA featuring the addition of Girl Scout Cookies terpenes in its formulation. As a result, it delivers an explosion of citrusy and resinous notes with subtle floral accents, all resting against a timeless West...

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