Sweets with Terpenes

Ever wondered what the classic 'Cola' or 'Cherry' flavors would taste like mixed with cannabis terpene profiles?


Now you can find out why these flavor and aroma blends are becoming a hit—check out this category!

Step into a world of fresh and surprising flavors and aromas with our exclusive collection of terpene-enriched candies. Each edible lets you enjoy carefully selected cannabis terpene profiles, designed to delight your senses and provide a unique experience.

If you’re after a sensory experience that delights all your senses, this is your go-to category. Moreover, terpene profiles not only add complex flavors and a multitude of aromatic notes to food and drinks but also serve as functional ingredients with proven benefits.

Explore the world of terpene-enriched candies and discover a new way to enjoy your favorite flavors along with the bold tastes of Cali Terpenes terpene profiles.Dulces de marihuana

Terpenes are organic compounds found in various plants, responsible for the unique aromas and flavors in different cannabis strains.

But terpenes do more than enhance flavor profiles; they offer scientifically proven therapeutic benefits.

Cali Terpenes' terpene profiles are detailed compositions that perfectly mimic the aromatic makeup of different cannabis strains. They’re used as flavorings to add incredible scents and tastes to all kinds of edibles and beverages.Qué son los terpenos

  • Unique experience: Dive into a new dimension of flavor with classic flavors and cannabis terpene profiles from the finest strains. Stimulate your taste buds, mind, and body with this innovative sensory experience.
  • Added terpene benefits: Each terpene is proven to have beneficial properties in the right amounts. They're more than just flavors and scents; they're functional ingredients.
  • Guaranteed quality: We partner with top food producers who are dedicated to providing the highest quality in every product.

Caramelos con terpenos de cannabis

At Cali Terpenes, we’re committed to offering you an outstanding online shopping experience, with fast shipping and premium customer service. Browse our catalog of terpene-infused food and drink, discover new flavors, and celebrate that the future of food is now in your hands.

Let the irresistible aromas and flavors captivate you in a truly stimulating experience!Comida cannabica

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