Quality Policy

CALI TERPENES S.L. is a constantly evolving company in the aroma industry formed by a team of highly trained staff whose objective is to meet the needs and demands of consumers looking for safe, sustainable, and ethical products with beneficial and sensory properties. Fragrances and aromas are intended to significantly enhance the experience of the final product, amplifying sensations, and creating emotional connections with consumers.

The Manager of CALI TERPENES S.L. is aware of the importance of maintaining maximum Food Quality and Safety when meeting the needs of customers and other interested parties. For this purpose, they have decided to implement a System for the Management of Food Quality and Safety in line with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 standards. This will benefit all stakeholders, reflecting the commitment of the company to continuous improvement.

The manager of CALI TERPENES S.L. establishes the following general guidelines for the achievement of their Food Quality and Safety objectives, which constitute their Food Quality and Safety Policy:

  • Commitment to attain maximum customer satisfaction by providing products/services that satisfy the established requirements, needs, expectations, and specifications, and including those standards implemented by current legislation and by the company itself.
  • Permanent commitment of CALI TERPENES S.L. to sustainability, the environment, hygiene, and optimal working conditions.
  • Integration of food safety factors in the planning of new production processes and in the modification of existing ones.
  • Continuous training of all employees of CALI TERPENES S.L. in line with their respective roles, providing them with all the necessary knowledge so that they can develop their activities with the utmost respect for food safety.
  • Commitment to meet the requirements subscribed by CALI TERPENES S.L. with interested parties.
  • Commitment to have the best possible facilities and processes.
  • Commitment to the total traceability of all our batches.
  • Commitment to maintaining adequate storage conditions to guarantee food quality and safety.
  • Commitment to prevent potentially unsafe situations.
  • Commitment in the control of raw materials and other ingredients, prioritising the control of the final product.
  • Commitment to obtain harmless products.
  • Commitment of the organisation to food safety culture.

The Manager of CALI TERPENES S.L. shall set, at least once a year, Food Quality and Safety Objectives in accordance with the Food Quality and Safety Policy, in order to define the direction in which the organisation’s efforts should be directed. They shall ensure that the Food Quality and Safety Policy is available to the public by placing it in a visible place in the premises and by providing it to interested parties upon request.

The efficiency of the Food Quality and Safety Management System is the direct responsibility of the Manager. On their behalf, the Food Quality and Safety Officer shall supervise its implementation, development, and maintenance, assessing its adequacy and correct application.

Quality Policy