CBD e-liquids

In Cali Terpenes we are producers of the best cannabis aromas (cannabis terpene profiles) from botanic origin, used in the formulation of our e-liquid.

Our e-liquids are specially created to vape directly into electronic cigarettes or pods (vaporizers of e-liquids) to enjoy the authentic taste of each one strain without generating combustion, reducing the risks derived from smoking.


In addition, with the CBD e-liquid line from Cali Terpenes, you can also enjoy different concentrations of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD (Cannabidiol).


The philosophy of the CBD e-liquids from Cali Terpenes is easy; enjoy the flavor and aroma of best cannabis strains and also the properties of CBD without generation combustion, produced when smoking.

  • Vaping e-liquid is, according to many studies from all around the world, at least 95% healthier than smoking.

*Visit our post "smoke vs vape" if you need more information abour this.


CBD e-liquids Cali Terpenes

  • They don't contain THC (psychoactive component of cannabis) or nicotine.
  • The formulation of our e-liquids are also specially created to reduce the possible risks derived from vaping, because it have the less amount of VG on the market.
  • 100% free of toxic as Vitamine E acetate.
  • The CBD of the e-liquids is made under GMP standards, with 99.8% of purity aprox.

CBD eliquids information

  • All kind of e-liquid, indluding ours, can be vaped in any atomizer of e-liquid, but we recommend to use atomizers with the resistance from 1 ohm at least, such as the SMOK Novo Pod Kit.

In this way, you can enjoy a better sensory experience, because you will feel much better each one of nuances of the e-liquid and also vape in a healthier way.

In addition, our e-liquids can be used to dissolve concentrates as rosin or BHO in them and vape also with cannabinoids.

CBD eliquids Cali Terpenes



Our catalog of e-liquids with CBD and terpenes is the most complete, we have a selection of most famous and special strains around the world.

AK 47, fruity taste that reminds of red berries with an intense touch of pine and damp earth.

- Amnesia, intense, fresh and citric taste like lime / lemon with a slight sweet and muddy touch.

- Blackberry Kush, fruity and sweet taste that reminds of Afghan hash.

Cheese, sweet and citric taste, Skunk type, with a touch of mature cheese and incense.

Critical, intense citric taste with a sweet touch of lemon and spices.

Gelato, sweet and creamy taste, with a citric touch.

Girl Scout Cookies, sweet and muddy taste, with a spicy touch.

- Gorilla Glue, deep and muddy taste with a pine type pungent touch.

- Holy Grail Kush, intense and muddy taste with a citric and sweet touch.

Jamaican Dream, sweet and floral taste with a citric and dried fruit and nuts touch like hazelnuts.

Lavender, intense, fresh and floral taste, with a lavender touch.

Sour Diesel, intense, fresh and citric taste like Diesel, with a spicy and muddy touch.

Super Lemon Haze, intense, citric and fresh with sweet touches.

Tangie, intense and citric taste like Diesel, with a sweet touch that reminds of tangerine.

OG Kush, intense, fruity and citric taste, with a Diesel taste.

CBD e-liquid base, neutral taste, ideal to mix with our terpenes (cannabis aromas) to create your own CBD e-liquid with flavor of your favorite cannabis strain.



For further questions about how to use our vaping liquids, contact our technical team and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Time to enjoy yourself!

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CBD e-liquids

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