CBD E-Liquids

E-Liquids with CBD and different cannabis aromas by Cali Terpenes are a much healthier alternative to smoking, and also produces benefits obtained from Cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes (aromas).

Most people that have heard of Cannabis or have consumed this plant at some time know about its main active compound, THC. However, cannabis is so much more than that, each strain has a cannabis and terpene proportion that's unique to each plant.

Years ago, it was discovered that there are cannabis and hemp strains, and hybrids of both, that instead of containing high amounts of THC, they contain higher amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol).

This compound present in cannabis flower trichomes isn't psychoactive, but it does offer multiple health benefits. After years of investigating this cannabinoid, nowadays it's common knowledge that it can help daily health issues such as anxiety or chronic illnesses such as epilepsy.

This is why we've added this highly medicinal cannabinoid to our e-liquids with terpenes, creating CBD e-liquids and different aromatic profiles so that you can enjoy different flavors, benefits and effects.

What is CBD? Introduction to Cannabidiol

Que es el CBD

Our CBD e-liquids are also made in collaboration with Dr Mariano Garcia de Palau, following the same philosophy as we did with our terpene e-liquids, although this time with CBD in the formula too.

Specially designed to be vaped directly in e-cigarettes or pods (e-liquid vapes), allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of each strain and the benefits of CBD without combustion, allowing you to avoid the issues and risks associated with smoking (vaping e-liquids is around 95% healthier than smoking, according to many studies and research done around the world).

Check out our post "smoking vs vaporizing" if you need more information about this topic.

We have two different CBD concentrattions in our e-liquids:

  • 30mg CBD x 10ml e-liquid
  • 100mg CBD x 10ml e-liquid

They're specially effective thanks to their high amount of CBD produced under GMP regulations (99.9%) and thanks to complete, pure terpene profiles and its liquid base, with a low glycerin content.

      • Doesn't contain traces of THC: 0.00%
      • Propylene Glycol/Vegetable glycerin PG/VG 90/10 for a healthier vaping experience true to the aroma used.
      • Does not contain nicotine, as it's a highly toxic element and addictive, not necessary for reducing or quitting tobacco intake.
      • Does not contain other unnecessary toxic elements such as Vitamin E Acetate.

E-liquids con CBD de Cali Terpenes

As well as various health benefits that vaping offers in comparison to smoking, there are also differences between flavors and effects.

  • When you vape our CBD e-liquids, nothing is burnt (no terpenes, vegetable material, tobacco etc.). Additionally, the base that's vaped is liquid (PG and VG) rather than plant material. There's also no psychoactive cannabinoids, such as THC.

All of this means that our e-liquids have a much fresher, sweeter aroma, more similar to actual cannabis plants flowering or vaping cannabis buds.

  • Consuming e-liquids with terpenes and/or CBD doesn't produce any psychoactive effects, although terpenes are known for their relaxing and stimulating effects, and CBD is also known for its relaxing, concentrating and anxiety-relief properties. This is why we don't just recommend choosing your e-liquids based on flavor, but also on their terpenes and CBD concentrations.

Vapear CBD

All e-liquids, including ours, can be vaped in any e-cigarette or e-liquid vaporizer, but we recommend using atomizers that have coils between 1 and 2 ohms, at least, and a maximum wattage of 30w, such as the e-leaf x Just Fog kit.

This allows for better flavor and a healthier experience.

Make sure to keep the atomizer at least one third full so that the coil doesn't dry out, as it can end up burning under vaping heat.

As you try different aromas, you'll soon begin to discover which is the best for your needs at each and every moment.

E-Liquid Guide

The Effects of Vaping Terpenes

Our CBD E-Liquid with terpene catalogue is the most complete catalogue of them all, with a selection of famous, special and well-known cannabis flavors in the world.

Enjoy our selection of 15 e-liquids that are ready to vape , or even create your own using our e-liquid base.

If you have any questions, make sure to consult with our team, and we'll help you out as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Comprar CBD online

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team and we'll help you out asap!


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