Food and beverages

The cannabis terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) from Cali Terpenes are offered in different formats, packaging and labeling according to their use.

These aromas are packaged and labeled under the strictest conditions of the food regulations.

The terpenes (aromas) that you will find in this category are the ones you should use if your intention is to add flavor and aroma to foods or beverages.

The product that is contained, the terpenes, are exactly the same as those packaged for the format for vaporizers, what changes are the packaging and labeling conditions.

For food production, you should use the "special cannabis flavorings for food", which are fat soluble and perfect for all types of edibles, especially those with fat or oil.

For the production of beverages, as well as water-based foods, you should use the “special cannabis aromas for beverages”, with greater soluble power in water or alcohol and a more homogeneous result.

If you are going to give it a professional use (in your cocktail bar, restaurant, food production, ...) contact us on our access for professionals.

If your intention is to create your own cannabis-flavored e-liquid or apply it to cannabis products (extracts, flowers, ...) you can use the vaporization / cannabis products format.

Food grade terpenes

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Food and beverages

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