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This Blackberry Kush cannabis aroma for beverages by Cali Terpenes is a complex combination of Terpenes in a pure and liquid state, with the same aromatic profile as this famous cannabis strain.

This version is more hydro-soluble than our Blackberry Kush food flavoring, so it’s ideal for adding that characteristic aroma and flavor to beverages.

This product does not contain cannabinoids: 0.00% THC, CBD etc.

This Blackberry Kush cannabis food flavoring specifically for beverages by Cali Terpenes is a combination of terpenes with the exact same aromatic profile as terpene extracts from the cannabis strain Blackberry Kush, a delicious strain that comes from a cross between Afghani x Blueberry.

This complex flavoring was created with more hydro-soluble power than the Blackberry Kush food flavoring, designed to provide an even flavor and aroma to all types of drinks with aromas that exactly replicate those of cannabis strains without producing the same psychoactive effect.

High quality prime materials were used in its creation, from GMO-free crops, no pesticides or contaminating agents involved.

Cali Terpenes’ food grave flavorings don’t contain any solvents or additives and do not come from Cannabis plants; they don’t contain cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBN…).

All of our aromas are food-grade an are made, packaged and labelled under all of the most restrictive active food and safety guidelines in the EU and USA. If you are going to be using these aromas in your business (restaurant, food production etc) get in touch with us.

As of now, we have 6 special beverage terpenes, although if the designated use is cocktails or for making food, you can use any of the 47 liposoluble cannabis food flavorings found in our catalogue.

If you want to make e-liquids, cannabis products or others using these aromas, remember that the best format for such products is our vaping terpenes.

Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Menthol, Nerolidol, Cineol.

Blackberry Kush by Cali Terpenes' terpene profile can be added to all types of beverages, provides a penetrating flavor and aroma, similar to Afghan hash with sweet and earthy Kush-like flavors, similar to fruit and berries.

These terpenes are 100% pure, so they need to be handled with caution and should never be consumed without being mixed with the destined product (except for cold tastings, in which terpenes are used in their pure state).

Once diluted in the desired product and in the right proportion, terpenes are 100% safe and provide aromas and other benefits.

1ml terpenes = 40 drops (0.025ml per 1ml dropper drop), so 1 drop of terpenes represents around 0.25% approx. of 10ml of liquid base:

  • 1 drop in 10ml = 0.25%
  • 2 drops in 10 ml = 0,50%
  • 4 drops in 10ml = 1%
  • 8 drops in 10ml = 2%
  • 12 drops in 10ml = 3%

*It's recommended to test quantities starting at the lowest, as our terpenes have an easily intense aroma and flavor when used.

Check out our terpene guide to find out more about terpene uses and methods.

The correct proportion of our terpenes (cannabis aromas) recommended for food and beverages is a lot lower than that used in e-liquids and cannabis products.

The amount of terpenes always depends on the base of the food or beverage being made, as well as the process used.

We recommend using terpenes during the cold processes and when there are no pressure changes (for example, vacuum drying) as this stops possible evaporation and allows for them to fully dissolve and be absorbed into the food or beverage.

Some examples of proportions used in food and beverages are:

  • Ice cream: from 0.025 to 0.1ml for approx. 1kg depending on the desired intensity
  • Beer: from 0.01 to 0.05ml terpenes for approx. 1L of beer, depending on the type of beer, the point of the process in which terpenes are added, and the desired intensity.
  • Soda water: from 0.01 to 0.05ml for approx. 1L of water, depending on the desired intensity.
  • Oils: from 0.1 to 0.3ml terpenes per 1L of oil, approx., depending on the intensity of the oil and the desired aromatic intensity.
  • Honey: from 0.1 to 0.5ml of terpenes for 1 to 2kg of honey approx. depending on the intensity of the honey and the aromatic intensity desired.
  • Chocolate: from 0.25 to 1ml per approx. 1KG, depending on the type of chocolate and aromatic intensity desired.

*In most cases, letting terpenes sit for a while can help them settle better. For example, honey with terpenes has more flavor 24h after applying compared to freshly applied.



  • Our terpene profile packaging has safety valves, anti-leak technology and screw tops.
  • After using the product we recommend placing each element back to avoid possible terpene evaporation or contamination.
  • Terpenes are volatile compounds, their recommended storage is in a fridge (approx. 7 degrees C) to avoid evaporation when use.
  • The temperature at which terpenes are handled should never go over 60ºC to avoid evaporating the most volatile terpenes.
  • Keep terpenes in their original container at all times, as the material used (dark glass that doesn't allow UV rays through) is designed to better preserve thermo or photosensitive products. This protects them from changes in temperature, cross contamination etc (terpenes can act as a diluent and corrode materials such as plastic).
  • Our food flavorings follow regulations (CE) 1907/2006 (REACH) and (EU) 2015/830 regarding food regulation.
  • Cali Terpenes S.L. is registered as an exporting company with the FDA (Food and Drugs Association).
  • Health & Food Registration: nº RSIPAC: 31.04945/CAT nº RGSEAA: 31.003284/B

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Questions (1)

From massimo gromo | 2023-08-28 14:05:52

I need to know the following:
. Can you export to Thailand
. How many drops for 1 liter of juice, let's say orange
. Can I pasteurize juice and drops together at 75*C

Thanks for reply



We appreciate your interest in our products and that you have contacted us.

Our products can be shipped worldwide. However, we need to consider whether we are dealing with, a commercial matter between companies or if you are a final customer. Due to your question about dosing in juices, I suppose you are a company.

We would like to ask you first to register as a company through this link:

Once you proceed with the registration, we can discuss further details about the shiping of some milliliters.

For dosing in juice, starting with 1 or 2 drops per liter would be good. You should add more or fewer drops until you find an optimal concentration that fits with your goals. Depending on the juice's flavor, you may need more or less terpenes and perhaps different strains; some will be more noticeable than others, depending on the juice.

Terpenes work well at temperatures between 14°C and 60°C. If the terpenes have been previously added to a mixture and integrated, pasteurization at 75°C should not be a problem. I would recommend that once you find an appropriate concentration of terpenes in your juice before pasteurizing, then add a bit more to compensate for any loss that may occur during pasteurization.

Any case, you can add the terpenes once the juice is pasteurized.

Keep in mind that there are about 40 drops in 1 ml. With a few milliliters of 2 or 3 varieties, you have plenty for many tests. In addition to our catalog of 47 varieties, we have 6 that are stable in aqueous solutions. I would suggest starting with those.

I hope that our answer will help you.

We remain in contact.
Best regards,
Cali Terpenes

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