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Cali Terpenes is the leading company in quality of the production of cannabis terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) in liquid and spray formats, e-liquids with terpenes (with and without CBD).

Our company is based in Barcelona and started in California as a result of the legalisation of cannabis and the massive appearance of ‘Vape Pens’ with distillates from cannabinoids, cannabis extracts and cannabis food products.

We are proud of being able to have a great team of experts in cannabis and medicinal plants, chemists, chemists specialized in aromas, doctors, technicians… as well as premises with cutting-edge technology, which enable an innovative product of the highest quality.

Our main as has always been to provide all types of sectors a new kind of flavouring with the aromatic profile of the best cannabis varieties, which without a doubt, offer an added value to different types of products.

We count on one of the best laboratories of analysis and development of products in Europe, and we obey strictly all the safety and quality measures.

We use high quality raw materials, certified and analysed -only originally from the European Community- in order to guarantee that our products meet our clients’ expectations.

The terpenes’ high quality is very important for us and we make sure we are working with the purest products, so that we can guarantee the excellence of our final products. It is important to point out that our terpenes profiles of specific cannabis strains end up becoming part, plenty of times, of other products in the market, which makes us guarantee our clients the highest and a standard quality in all our products.

In Cali Terpenes we believe that innovation is the key to meet the needs of the public, both in the present and in the future.

A good example is our acclaimed Terps Spray, being the first cannabis flavors applicator in a pure spray format.

On the other hand, Cali Terpenes is a producer company of e-liquids (e-liquids cannabis flavoured) of the best quality, formulated in collaboration with the renowned Dr Mariano García de Palau, who is an expert in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our lines of e-liquids are for those smokers who are looking for a healthier alternative, which reduces about 95% of the risks that derive from combustion.

We have two different lines of e-liquids:

  • E-liquids with terpenes (e-liquids cannabis flavoured), to enjoy the different flavors.
  • CBD e-liquids (e-liquids cannabis flavoured and with Cannabidiol), to enjoy the different flavors and also the properties of CBD.

Eliquids Mariano Garcia de Palau

What are cannabis terpenes profiles?

Our cannabis terpenes profiles are complex aromas -flavourings- created from organic terpenes of natural origin, which have an aromatic profile exactly as the extraction of cannabis terpenes.

Terpenes profiles are mainly used to provide aroma and flavour to very different products, from the vaping sector to the food, cosmetics or the cannabis sector.

They do not only improve their organoleptic qualities but also the efficiency and/or the effect of many products.

Cannabis is one of the plants with higher variation and organoleptic range, that’s why we know it has a great aromatic potential in different sects.

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