CBD Distillate Cartridges

Cali Terpenes presents a line of distilled CBD cartridges with different terpene profiles (different cannabis aromas) in order to offer a concentrate, effective & inmediate CBD  format, to obtain controlled and effective doses of Cannabidiol and other NON-psychoactive cannabinoids with great value.


In addition, it's a healthier alternative to smoking.

Cannabinoid distillates are extractions from Cannabis or Hemp plants that, through distillation using heat, result in a cannabis concentrate rich in cannabinoids, although due to the process itself, poor in terpenes.

Its appearance is oily but its texture is much dense and solid. Its yellowish/translucent/amber color has made it commonly known as clear.

This format is ideal for vaping in cartridges, but to achieve different flavors and entourage effects, it is necessary to mix them with terpenes, finally achieving a distillate of CBD, THC or other cannabinoids with flavors of different varieties and different effects.

In addition, given its high concentration of cannabinoids (and in the case of Cali Terpenes cartridges, also of terpenes), it is an ideal product to obtain controlled, effective and immediate doses of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Qué es el destilado de cannabis

Our CBD cartridges contain CBD distillate (with the presence of other NON-psychoactive cannabinoids) and Cali Terpenes terpene profiles.

Its objective is to be used in a suitable vaping device such as the M3 vape pen or the Palm battery and thus be able to vape its content.

Its composition and design are designed to obtain controlled and effective doses of CBD and other highly valuable cannabinoids, easily and at any time.

The composition of the distillate is as follows:

  • CBD: 54.4%
  • CBG: 12.3%
  • CBDV: 2.74%
  • CBN: 0.22%
  • CBE: 8.73%
  • CBC: 0.06%
  • THC: < 0,2%
  • + terpene profiles (aromas) Cali Terpenes

5 flavors available:


  • Don't contain Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO)
  • Don't contain Propyllene Glycol (PG)
  • Don't contain Vegetal Glycerin (GV)
  • Don't contain refined coconut oil (MCT)
  • Don't contain any other kind of diluent.

Other characteristics:

  • Resistant to crystallization.
  • Ceramic cartridge.
  • Cartridge measurements: Φ0.41 × 2.09H/2.54H (in) / Φ10.5 × 53.1H/64.6H (mm)
  • Resistance: 1.4Ω
  • Thread: 510 standard
  • Borosilicate glass housing

Cartuchos de CBD destilado

Cali Terpenes cartridges are designed to be easily used anytime, anywhere.

You only need to screw or place the vape cartridge in a suitable vaping device for it and inhale to vaporize.

Really easy!

CBD destilado de Cali Terpenes

  • CBD distillate cartridges with terpenes are a healthier alternative to smoking, since they are consumed vaporized, an alternative that is at least 95% healthier than smoking, since all the problems derived from the combustion of vegetable matter, paper and possible tobacco.
  • Given its high content of cannabioids and terpenes and its vaporizable format, it is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain a high amount of Cannabidiol, other highly valuable cannabinoids such as CBG and terpenes.
  • Its stable composition with high amount of CBD makes it possible to obtain controlled doses of cannabinoids, its effects being more notable than those of the flowers or extracts.

The main differences between our CBD e-liquids vs CBD cartridges are:

  • The CBD concentration is higher in CBD cartridges. Cali Terpenes CBD e-liquids contain a lower concentration of CBD than distillates, therefore, they are indicated for more frequent vaping if desired.
    Instead, our CBD concentrates are designed to give that instant “shot” when a higher dose is needed, and therefore achieve greater calming and relaxing efficacy.
  • The composition also change, because CBD e-liquids contain PG and GV, terpenes and Cannabidiol. CBD cartridges contain only CBD distillate and terpenes as the main objective is to offer a CBD product in a vaporizable and highly concentrated format.

CBD e-liquids are intended for longer vaping which can be used to help those who want to quit smoking or reduce tobacco use while enjoying the calming properties of CBD and terpene profiles and its delicious flavor. In addition, both CBD e-liquids and CBD concentrate cartridges are a healthier way to consume this cannabinoid than smoking, and have far fewer detrimental health effects.

  • The flavor of the CBD cartridges is more similar to the plant, because all the elements that they contain are contained in the cannabis plants.

The e-liquids have a somewhat fresher and sweeter touch, due to the PG and GV contained in their formulation.

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