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What are terpenes?

  • Terpenes are part of the essential oils of plenty of plants, flowers and fruits, such as orange, lemon, pepper or cannabis and they provide smell and flavour.
  • Cannabis has a wide aromatic profile, in other words, a terpenes profile with plenty of several terpenes, to a greater or lesser extent.
  • However, cannabis terpenes might also be found in other plants, flowers and fruits.

In Cali Terpenes, we faithfully reproduce the different cannabis aromatic profiles, made of isolated terpenes of organic and vegetal origin.


Cannabis terpenes profiles are our flagship products, which gives life to our big project.

What are ‘Cannabis Terpenes Profiles’?

  • Our ‘Cannabis Terpenes Profiles’ are a faithful reproduction of the aromatic extractions -terpenes extracts- of several varieties of cannabis.
  • In Cali Terpenes we provide these terpenes profiles in liquid and pure format, for its use in vaporizing, in the food industry, in the cannabis sector, in cosmetics, in aromatherapy, etc
  • We have a catalogue with more than 45 different cannabis terpenes profiles, of the most special and well-known varieties in the world.
  • With Cali Terpenes products you will be able to provide scent and real cannabis taste to all kinds of products, just let your imagination wander.

Please remember that on our blog we have large information about cannabis terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas).

Cannabis terpene profiles

Our aromas formats:

The cannabis terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) of Cali Terpenes have a multitude of uses: vaping industry (e-liquids...), cannabis industry (extracts, flowers, ...), cosmetics, food...

Is for this reason that we are offering our aromas in different formats / containers / labeled:

These aromas are packaged and labeled under the strictest conditions of the European vaporization regulations.

Is the format that you will usually find in vape stores, grow shops, etc. since it is used to create your own e-liquids, for use in cannabis products, aromatherapy, etc.

Specially designed for use in food, in all types of sectors, these flavors are packaged and labeled under the food grade regulation.

This format is the one you should use if you are going to use terpenes to add flavor and aroma to edibles.

Flavors for use in food

Our cannabis aromas (cannabis terpene profiles) for use in food are fat-soluble and are perfect for adding specific aromas of famous cannabis strains to all types of food, especially those containing oils or fats.

For beverage production, we have a special solution for it.

Aromas for use in beverages

Essential oils are generally not at all soluble in water. Since the components of our scents come from essential oils from different plants, we have redesigned some of our best-known scents to be much more soluble in water and alcohols, without losing the essence of the original aroma.

These aromas are especially soluble in water and also in alcohol, so they are perfect for the production of beverages, being able to ensure a 100% homogeneous flavor and aroma, and stable over time.

  • Other solutions

If you have any specific need (powder format, emulsion, etc.), contact us, we are sure that we have the best solution to your production needs.

If you have special needs regarding our aromas to be able to manufacture your cannabis-flavored product, contact our technical team.

What are cannabis terpenes profiles used for?


Cannabis industry:

Terpenes are used in a wide range of cannabis industry products.


In general, they are used in cannabis extractions and extracts, in vaporizing products and in cannabis flowers or hemp.


Cannabis extractions and extracts


There are several types of extracts which derived from cannabis, in which Cali Terpenes are added to enhance its scent and flavour:

  • Mechanical extractions (hashish, ice-o-lator, dry hash, dry sift)
  • Extractions with solvents (BHO, PHO, Co2,)
  • Cannabinoids distillates (distillates from CBD or THC)
  • Extractions by pressure and temperature (Rosin or rosintech).
  • Cannabis tinctures (CBD or THC tinctures in olive oil, coconut oil, etc.)

In addition, terpenes change the effects of cannabinoids. For example, if you add the terpenes of a sativa like Jamaican Dream to a distillate from THC of any variety, this distillate will adopt the typical effects of Jamaican Dream.


This allows, with the same base product, to obtain completely different products in scent, flavour and effect.

Cannabis terpenes

It is advisable to use between 1 and 4% of terpenes in extractions and extracts of cannabis, and ideally to carry out tests with the lowest proportion and increase it gradually if necessary.



This means to use a MAXIMUM of 1 drop per each 1gram of cannabis extraction, being advisable to carry out tests with 1 drop per 2grams or 1 drop per 3 grams.


The proportion of terpenes to be used might vary depending on the desirable intensity, the type of extraction, the time of the extraction, etc. But in any case, we recommend using a maximum of 4%.


If you want to know more about how to apply terpenes to extractions, please visit our blog or contact us.


Vaping cannabis products


The use of terpenes in cannabis products for vaping is widespread.


Most products for vaping such as the popular ‘Clear’ (distillate of THC or CBD) which is vaporized in ‘Oil Pens’ or ‘Vape Pens’ are so pure that they don’t contain terpenes.


This is the reason why terpenes add flavour and scent not only to extracts but also to herbs for vaping.


In vaping products such as distillates of cannabinoids, it is advisable to use around 2 or 3% of terpenes.


Vape cannabis

Cannabis flowers or hemp:

Terpenes are also used to increase and enhance the aroma of hemp or cannabis flowers (buds). Cannabis plants usually don't have more than 4% of terpenes, but depending on the professionalism of your application method you will need more or less terpenes to add aroma and flavor.


The ideal method for applying terpenes to dried buds, flowers and herbs is our Terps Spray.


Find out all about Terps Spray in our posts "how to add aroma to flowers" and "what is and how to use Terps Spray".


If the quantity of dried herbs to be sprayed is very small (1 to 10 grams), it may be cheaper to use a strip of blotting paper with a couple of drops, closed in an airtight box with the dried flowers. In few hours your flowers will smell much better.


We recommend to keep the flowers in an airtight container or on vacuum. The vacuum will allow the terpenes to fully penetrate the vegetable, giving your buds a more homogeneous aroma.


For any question, contact our technical team.


Cannabis and hemp flowers


In the food and drinks industry, terpenes profiles have great potential.

The use of terpenes in food or drinks enhance enormously the organoleptic quality of very different products.


We have more than 45 different varieties in our catalogue, which means 45 new flavours and scents that might provide an added value to sauces, snacks, ice-creams and dairy products, sweets, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, etc.


The proportion of terpenes to use in food varies enormously because it certainly depends on the type of food or drink that is used.


Generally speaking, the proportion is usually between 0.01 and 0.03% for drinks and between 0,01 and 0,3% for the different types of food.


*If you are aiming at producing food or drinks with our terpenes (cannabis aromas) for food, you will need terpenes packed and labelled for food use, according to the current regulations.


We also provide aromas for use in beverages.

*Si buscas producir alimentos o bebidas con nuestros terpenos (aromas a cannabis) o usar nuestros terpenos para alimentación, necesitarás usar terpenos envasados y etiquetados en formato alimentario, para cumplir con la normativa vigente.

**Además, ofrecemos aromas especiales para uso en bebidas.


Terpenes in food


Cannabis terpenes profiles can be used to add flavour and scent to vaping liquid basis and create your own vaping liquids (e-liquids) with the flavour of different varieties of cannabis.


Every day there are more users who join vaping to give up combustion and the risks associated with it.

You can make your e-liquid easily with terpenes and a vaping liquid base made of propylene glycol and vegetal glycerine.


We recommend adding a proportion of terpenes to the liquid base between 1 and 4% maximum (being 2-3% the most common proportion).


This will mean 1-4ml per every 100ml of vaporizing base.


We also recommend adding a maximum of 20% of vegetal glycerine in order to reduce the vaping risks as much as possible and to avoid sweetening the e-liquid taste too much.


Making your own e-liquid is very easy, visit our e-liquids guide to discover all the tricks an recommendations.


If you are looking for already made e-liquids with terpenes or e-liquids with CBD, you should check our e-liquids catalogue.


Cannabis flavoured e-liquids


In the cosmetics industry terpenes have been used for several years but what is innovative is the use of cannabis terpenes profiles.


Our terpenes will add an incredible flavour to all sort of cosmetics such as creams, balsams, shower gels and shampoos as well as benefitting from the properties of the terpenes, not only the entourage effect but also the fungicide, bactericide and anti-inflammatory effects.


The proportion for this type of products might vary significantly but, in any case, no more than 4% is required.



There is plenty of research on the benefits of terpenes and aromatherapy.


Our terpenes profiles are suitable for being used in all types of products and tools for aromatherapy such as candles, diffusers or essential oils.


Terpenes for aromatherapy

Main characteristics of Cali Terpenes:

  • Genuine aroma and flavour of every cannabis variety.
  • 100% terpenes, with no additives.
  • Terpenes free of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG…)
  • Organic and of vegetal origin.
  • Made through free-dissolvent and free-toxic processes.
  • With no transgenics (no GMO)
  • 0% heavy metals or contaminating metals.
  • 0% propylene glycol (PG) 0% vegetal glycerine (VG)
  • Top quality and European raw materials.

Cali Terpenes info

Why are our terpenes better?

Our terpenes are quality global leaders due to several important factors:

  • We control all our production processes, from the farming of the varieties to the production of terpenes profiles.
  • All our terpenes have a vegetal origin, with no chemicals.
  • We count on a great team of experts in cannabis and medicinal plants, chemists experts in scents, chemists and technicians who take care of the whole process to get the perfect results.
  • Unlimited production, packaging from 1ml to 250ml and from 500gr to 250kg.
  • Truly immediate and faithful feedback.
  • We push the realism of our reproductions to the limit, without economizing neither quantity nor quality of terpenes.

If you need more reasons to choose Cali Terpenes, visit Why Cali Terpenes.

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