Why to use Cali Terpenes?


In Cali Terpenes we are producers, in other words, we do not re-pack products from other brands to sell them under our name. We develop and produce our own products.

We control all the manufacturing process from the beginning to the end, in order to always keep the best quality in the market:

  • Selection of elite clones
  • Farming
  • Extraction of samples
  • Reproduction process in the laboratory
  • Production process

We produce terpenes, terpenes profiles, flavourings and e-liquids of the best quality, as well as tailor-made solutions for production companies.

Do you need our flavours in your products? Work with the origin, work with the best.


Our products are worldwide quality leaders, thanks to the very high quality of the elements that we use, our innovative processes, our cutting-edge technology and our great professional team that we have.

Manufactured with certified and high-quality raw materials, our products are present in more than 80 countries, either in the retail sector or in the distribution or as a component of a final product.

The companies that work with us boost their quality and they stand out from their competition, obtaining fast benefits with new and innovative products.

Differentiate from your competition. Become a leader with us.


We do not have limits in production. All our varieties are always in stock.

We are ready for selling in large quantities to big companies from different sectors -food, vaping, cosmetics, pharma, etc.- to guarantee the continuity of any production.

We have packaging from 1 to 250ml and from 500g to 250kg but, if necessary, we can pack for you the amount that you need, we will always give you options.

Your line of products with authentic cannabis flavours will never stop, keep producing and grow with us.


Our team of researchers, experts in cannabis and medicinal plants, experts in aromas, chemists and technicians are constantly researching and developing new combinations that enable the use of our formulations in your products.

They will offer you the best solutions to obtain a successful final product.

We develop specific solutions for the food, the cosmetics or the pharma industry,etc..

We will be supporting you in every process and clarifying any doubts you might face to develop a new product with guarantee of success.

We research today to improve the future.



Our main aim from the very beginning with our cannabis terpenes profiles is to offer flavours and aromas to cannabis, unique and of the best quality in the different sectors of the industry, such as vaping, the food industry, cosmetics or the legal cannabis sector.

This way we contribute to a noticeable progress and diversity in these sectors which are so important in daily life, apart from providing an extra value to all types of products.


On the other hand, our main aim regarding our e-liquids is to offer a healthier alternative to smokers, by reducing the smoking risks around 95%.

Formulated in collaboration with Dr Mariano García de Palau, who is an expert in treatments with cannabis and vaping.

Two e-liquid lines:

  • E-liquids with terpenes (e-liquids with different cannabis flavors), 0% Cannabinoids (0% THC, CBD, CBG,...), ideal to enjoy each cannabis flavor.
  • E-liquids CBD (e-liquids with different cannabis flavors and CBD), ideal to enjoy each cannabis flavor and also the properties of CBD (Cannabidiol).

Can you imagine a new world of endless flavours? This world already exists and is called Cali Terpenes!


From the start, we keep in mind our values: innovation, constancy and premium quality.

Cali Terpenes never stops. We don’t stop researching every day to make progress in getting innovative products which bring real steps towards the future.

The constant effort and dedication of our great team enables an efficient personalised attention and a fast grow of our abilities.

The premium quality of our products generates an incredible feedback from the final user, which is also positive, fast and faithful.

We aim for excellence. If you want quality in your product, you need quality in its components.


We understand that this recent industry is changing the present, but, above all, that it has a great potential to change the world in the future.

There are more and more companies from different sectors that bet for offering new flavours in their products, to differentiate from their competition.

Thanks to our more than 45 different flavours in our catalogue, it is even easier to get exclusive and original products in any industry which really has a flavour and aroma that is outlined from others.

Nowadays there are millions of people who are looking for new flavours, apart from users who fall in love with cannabis flavours.

Moreover, the worldwide trend goes clearly towards a normalization of cannabis, so there are going to be more and more users who will demand these types of products.

Will you join us in this trip to a new world?


Do you have a company and want to develop successful products with terpenes? Your idea is the most valuable thing for us, that’s why we will do our bit so that you make it!

Your idea and dedication, together with the quality of our products and our personalised service will become a guarantee of success.

For us, your success is our success.