Why Choose Cali Terpenes?

We’ve based our business model on transparency and honesty, and we believe that quality products speak for themselves, and this is notable in the success of our project.

We want you to get to know what we do, and especially, how we do it: that’s why we’ve dedicated this section to explaining our values and why we stand out from the rest.​

We’re Manufacturers

At Cali Terpenes we develop our own aromas, and we control each and every manufacturing process from start to finish. This allows us to guarantee maximum quality in all of our products, making sure to meet the highest standards on the market.


This is how we create our terpenes:

    • A selection of elite clones: we select the phenotypes that best represent the qualities of some of the most renowned strains. We then guarantee an accurate strain terpene reproduction, with aromas and flavors that are identical to the most successful strains that are grown around the world.
    • Growing: we grow special plants so that we can study and replicate their terpene profiles, using organic nutrients at all times for the best results and better terpene profiles.
    • Sample extraction: we obtain terpene profiles via an extraction process.
    • Laboratory reproduction process: once we find the exact terpene profile of each strain, we reproduce it identically in a stable environment in our labs.
    • Production process: once we’ve managed to create a profile that’s 100% identical to the strain we’re working with, we can reproduce it guaranteeing stability and quality. To do this, we use the same terpenes in the plant, extracted from other plants and fruit that aren’t cannabis – legal terpenes around the world. Thanks to this process, we can guarantee that our terpene profiles are identical and pure; other extract processes can allow other compounds to contaminate the product an reduce aroma. This doesn’t happen with our terpenes!

      This is how we produce high quality aromas / terpene profiles, as well as offering customizable solutions for producers.

Do you need our flavors in your products? Work with the source, work with the best.

Leaders in quality

Our products are leading in quality around the world thanks to the high quality of the ingredients that we use to make them, our innovative technology, and the amazing team of professionals that we work with. We put everything into this to make sure we get the best results!

Made using certified and high quality prime materials, our products are available in over 80 countries, sold, distributed and even used in some commercial products.

The companies that work with us make quite the leap in quality in comparison to their competitors, obtaining more benefits in less time, with new and innovative products.

Put some space between you and the competitor. Lead with us.

Unlimited Production

We don’t have any limits on our production capacity, and we always have stock of all of our strains. This has allowed us to create great relationships with other companies, as we’re able to provide products immediately and efficiently.

We’re prepared to sell large quantities to big companies in different sectors, such as the food, vaping, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industries; we guarantee product continuity.

We have jars that range from 1ml to 250ml and 500g to 250kg, although we can package custom quantities – there are endless options.

Your very own range of authentic cannabis products will never run out – never stop producing and grow with us.

Research and Development


Our team of researchers, experts in cannabis and medicinal plants, aroma experts, chemists and technicians are continuously investigating and developing new formulae that allow different industries to use our compounds in their products.

They offer the best solutions for obtaining a successful final product.

We develop specific solutions for various industries; cosmetic, pharmaceutical etc.

We talk you through all of the processes and deal with any questions you may have so that you can develop your new product successfully.

We research today to improve tomorrow.

Our Mission

Just like everything else in this life, there’s a reason for everything. In our case, we wanted to make this product available to everyone, as we believe it can contribute to improving quality of life as well as products.

Why do we Make Terpenes?

One of the reasons why we started creating our own terpene profiles was to offer an alternative way to consume cannabis terpenes. We want to contribute to the de-stigmatization of cannabis, as all of their compounds are psychoactive. In fact, many of its molecules (such as CBD or terpenes) have beneficial properties, both medicinal and recreational.

We all consume terpenes in one way or another; these aromatic compounds can be found in most plants and fruit; our mission is to show the world that cannabis plants have a lot in common with other plants that we consume daily, and that there are healthier ways to consume these special cannabis aromas.


Our main objective since the very start of our cannabis terpene profile journey was to offer unique flavors and aromas of high quality in different areas of the industry: vaping, food industry, cosmetics, or the legal cannabis sector.

We contribute to the evolution and diversity in these sectors, which are incredibly important in day to day life, adding extra value to all types of products in the process.

Why do we Create E-Liquids?

When we decided to create out e-liquis, we wanted to offer smokers a healthier alternative, as this method reduces the risks associated with smoking around 95%.

When creating e-liquids, we wanted to work with some who was experienced and knowledgeable in the subject, which is why our e-liquids were made in collaboration with Dr. Mariano Garcia de Palau, a doctor specializing in cannabis and vaping treatment methods.


E-Liquids with Terpenes: vaping liquids with different cannabis flavors, 0% cannabinoids (no THC, CBD, CBG etc.), ideal for enjoying each and every cannabis strain flavor.

CBD e-liquids: vaping liquids with different cannabis flavors and CBD, designed to allow you to enjoy each and every cannabis strain and the properties of CBD (cannabidiol).

Can you imagine a world full of new, infinite flavors? It already exists and it’s called Cali Terpenes!

Our Philosophy

Right from the start we’ve had our ideals quite clear: innovation, constancy and developing high quality products.

Cali Terpenes never stops; we never stop researching and advancing towards creating innovative products that can boost us towards the future. The constant effort and dedication brought forward by our team makes it easy to give customers personalized assistance and grow as fast as we can.

When we started this journey we had just one rule: not to manufacture products that we wouldn’t be happy to consume ourselves.

Quality has always been our objective, and this has translated into a lot of positive feedback from consumers, allows our experience to speak for itself. We think that word of mouth is one of the best marketing strategies; plus, this allows us to invest more in research and development, allowing us to keep creating amazing flavors and surprising even the most gourmet of consumers.

We’re looking for excellency. If you want a high-quality product, you need high quality compounds.

Present and Future

We know that this young industry is changing the world, and it also has a lot of potential to change the future.

More and more companies in different sectors are beginning to offer new flavors and aromas, standing out from the crowd.

Thanks to the over 45 different flavors in our catalogue, it’s even easier to achieve exclusive and new products in any industry; an aroma and flavor that stand out thanks to their originality.

There are millions of people looking for new flavors and consumers that specifically want to try cannabis aromas.

Plus, the world is clearly moving towards cannabis normalization and regulation – more and more people are discovering these products every day.

Do you want to be part of the journey?

Guaranteed Success

Do you have your own business and want to create products containing terpenes? Your ideas are important to us, which is why we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed!

Your idea alongside the quality if our products and the personalized attention we offer, success is guaranteed!

Your success is our success.