The vaping industry is constantly changing an growing, especially thanks to the large amount of smokers that want to stop smoking and reduce the risks associated with burning cannabis and smoking tobacco. Numerous studies around the world suggest that vaping is around 95% healthier than smoking.

Some of the most well-known vaping methods are e-liquids, herb vaping and conentrates designed for vaping (the latter are more common in countries and states where cannabis is legal such as Canada or California).



E-Liquids are combinations of liquids, usually propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and aromas. Cannabis terpene profiles are used in e-liquids to add flavors and aromas to different cannabis strains, allowing you to enjoy unique flavors without the risks associated with smoking.

Essentially, terpenes act like other e-liquid flavorings, offering a wide spectrum of flavors that many others simply can’t provide.

At Cali Terpenes we have two ranges of ready to vape e-liquids:

  • E-Liquids with Terpenes: e-liquids with different cannabis flavors, 0% Cannabinoids (0% THC, CBD, CBG…), ideal for enjoying each and every cannabis strain.

  • CBD e-liquids: e-liquids with different cannabis flavors and CBD, ideal for enjoying cannabis strain flavors and the properties of CBD (Cannabidiol).

Our philosophy is simple; we wanted to create a range of e-liquids with which the consumer can enjoy the flavor and/or properties or CBD without risks associated to smoking it.

We also offer terpenes for vaping other brands designed for producing e-liquids; if you’re interested, get in touch with our team with our professional contact form.

Check out our posts on how to make e-liquids with cannabis flavors or how to make CBD e-liquids if you would like to make your own e-liquids.


Cannabinoid Distillates

Over the last few years, many countries and states in the world have legalized or regulated the use of cannabis and its derived products for medical and/or recreational use.

This has caused quite an increase in the production and consumption of distilled cannabinoid products such as CBD and THC, and other cannabis concentrates in vapable formats.

Terpenes can be used to provide flavors and aromas of different cannabis strains to a base (distilled CBD or THC, among others), offering different products while also providing a different entourage effect to each product.


Vaping Herbs

Our terpenes can also be used to add flavor and aroma to herbs designed for vaping.

The use of our terpene profiles on flowers made for aromatic vaping can improve their qualities and performance, enriching their flavor and aroma.