Food and Drink

The food sector is, definitely, the sector in which cannabis terpene profiles (cannabis aromas) have the most promise.

Why? Simple. Aromas and flavorings in the food sector have been used since forever, which is why our products are easily added to the manufacturing process.

Plus, one of the pros of cannabis aromas is the wide range of aromas they can add to edibles and drinks.

The consumer can easily enjoy flavors and aromas in many different ways, and the flavor goes all the way to the back of the throat, increasing the experience even more.

We have over 45 different cannabis terpene profiles, a wide range of flavors and aromas that can be added to any type of aromas or beverages.

If you want to use our terpenes (cannabis aromas) in your restaurant, cocktails or good, you’ll need food-grade quality.

If you’re planning on using terpenes professionally, get in touch with us.


Terpenes in food and drinks

Some examples of food and drinks with terpenes:

  • Starters and snacks: fries, cereal bars, sauces, honeys, jams, fruit conserves, compotes, syrups etc..
  • Ice-cream and lactose products: icecream, butter, creams, yoghurts, milkshakes…
  • Desserts: bakery, cookies, chewing-hum, hard and soft candy, sweets, jelly, bread, chocolate, cakes…
  • Alcoholic beverages: drinks, liquors, shots, creams, aperitives, beer, wine-based drinks, sangrias, flavored alcoholic combinations…
  • Soft drinks: carbonate water, soft drinks, flavored water, tonics…

Personalized Assistance

Are you trying to produce a successful dish or beverage with cannabis flavors? We can help you with that!

At Cali Terpenes we’re used to working with companies that produce food in different sectors.

If you’re looking to produce cannabis flavored food or drink, we recommend getting in touch with our team of experts in order to get the best solution and research and development process. Our labs can offer you personalized solutions for any idea you may have.

We can also guarantee that you won’t run out of stock for your product; we have permanent stock of all of the materials needed, guaranteeing stock.

Special drink aromas

We’re the first company to offer special cannabis aromas to be used in liquids, allowing you to make any type of cannabis flavored drink with an even, balance flavor.

These new terpenes dissolve much better in water and have allowed many companies, since the start of 2018, to create incredibly successful drinks. If you make your own drinks, contact us.