Terpenes and cosmetics, improve the qualities and aroma of your products

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Terpenes have been used in cosmetics for many years and the benefits that they can bring to each product are more than recognized.

By the way, the use of terpenes profiles is relatively new, since until now only one or two isolated terpenes were used in the composition.

Terpenes and cosmetics, improve the qualities and aroma of your products

In this post we will clarify all doubts about terpenes and cosmetics, but if you still have any doubt at the end of the post, leave your comment below.

What are the benefits of terpenes in cosmetic products?

For example, Limonene acts as an antifungal, anti-inflammatory and also as a preservative for the product, or Linalool, which is also often used in hygiene and beauty products because it provides a soft and pleasant aroma, in addition to having analgesic properties, soothing and antibacterial.

Imagine the power that our cannabis terpene profiles can bring, with the presence of around 45 different terpenes in different proportions.

In recent years, thanks to the destigmatization of cannabis (favored by the legalization or regulation of the use of the plant in many states), many renowned brands are offering cosmetic products with cannabis or CBD and the leaf of our beloved plant is always present in the marketing and product packaging.

But what do cosmetic products that claim to be cannabis-based actually contain?

Cosmetics and cannabis

You may have noticed that new cosmetic products from major cosmetic brands have emerged lately, including television commercials about them, indicating that they contain CBD or that they are made from cannabis.

Well, actually, most of these products contain hemp seed oil, which does have many nourishing properties, is very emollient and provides benefits to the skin, but does not contain traces of the cannabis flower.

Also, hemp oil extracted from hemp seeds does NOT contain cannabinoids (THC, CBD…) or terpenes, so its medicinal value is low.

The aroma of products with hemp oil or hemp extracts, is presented as earthy and “field grass”. This type of aroma is not always appreciated by the public, especially in cosmetic products, such as face creams or massage oils.

The cannabis flower has spectacular organoleptic qualities and its aromas are great in a multitude of products, for this reason at Cali Terpenes we are mainly dedicated to reproducing the aromatic profiles of cannabis and not of hemp.

Each of our aromatic reproductions is faithful to the essence of the flower itself, which is why applying this aroma in cosmetic products has great acceptance among the public.

Likewise, the benefits of each of the terpene present in the composition add up to offer a wide range of added properties.

Our catalog of cannabis terpene profiles (cannabis aromas) has 47 different varieties; covering the aromatic range offered by this plant is not simple: each one has a peculiar and unique aroma and perfume.

What cosmetic products can be made with terpenes?

In all cosmetic products that contain aromas, these aromas can be replaced by terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas).

Some of the most common products are:

  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Ointments
  • Essential oils
  • Gel and shampoo
  • Soaps
  • Serums
  • Cosmetic clays

Which terpenes profile to use for my cosmetic products?

To choose which aroma to use in your cosmetic products, you can base yourself on different criteria that will undoubtedly help you decide your product line:

  • Main terpenes and properties

Depending on the main terpenes that each aroma has, you can indicate, for example, that your product is rich in Terpinolene, Linalool, etc.

In addition, depending on the combination of terpenes, the product created will offer different benefits for the consumer.

Here are examples of varieties with high levels of some of the most popular terpenes.

terpenes cosmetics
Terpene profiles improve the quality of cosmetics.

Which varieties have the high level of Myrcene?

10 of the terpene profiles with the highest% of b-Myrcene terpene:

Which varieties have the high level of Caryophyllene?

10 of the terpene profiles with the highest% of b-Caryophyllene terpene are:

Which varieties have the high level of pinene?

10 of the terpene profiles with the highest% terpene a-Pinene are:

cinderella 99
Cinderella 99 terpenes have a high Pinene content, among other terpenes in their composition.

Which varieties have the high level of Limonene?

10 of the terpene profiles with the highest% of Limonene terpene are:

Which varieties have the high level of Linalool?

10 of the terpene profiles with the highest% of Linalool are:

Which varieties have the high level of Terpinolene?

10 of the terpenes profiles with the highest % of Terpinolene are:

Most recognized aromas

There are some varieties that according to their genetics and / or aroma are included in families, such as Haze or Kush. Within these categories, there are varieties that are more representative of the characteristic aromas of each family.

Some examples:

  • Haze

The Haze varieties are characterized by their stimulating effect and their citrus aroma like lemon or lime, with a mixture of spices and incense, in which other different touches are added in each of the varieties.

One of the “Haze” with the most intense and marked aroma is Gipsy Haze.

Some other very representative Haze varieties with Super Lemon Haze and Amnesia.

Two original Dutch classics, as well as 10K Jack, an American selection from the legendary Jack Herer.

Super Lemon Haze
Super Lemon Haze terpenes are characterized by their stimulating effect.
  • Kush

Kush varieties are known for their narcotic effects, caused by their high concentrations of cannabinoids and their aromatic profile, in which hints of pine, humid earth and sometimes touches of fuel (Diesel) tend to predominate.

The Kush have been raised in very different parts of the world, and may have variations in aromas.

We could say that there are several Kush that represent the characteristic aromas of this family: Holy Grail Kush (with the earthy Kush flavor par excellence and one of the most recognized as Kush aroma), Blackberry Kush, with characteristic aromas of the Afghan hash, TNT Kush, reminiscent of Pakistani hash with a strong touch of pine and nuts and OG Kush, which also combines citrus touches.

  • Skunk

Skunk varieties are one of the most widely used, especially in Europe, to provide aroma, stability and production to many crosses of cannabis varieties. Its name comes precisely from its aroma, intense and intoxicating, with hints of fruit and citrus.

Some of the varieties that best represent Skunk are Critical and Cheese, two of the most famous varieties, cultivated and consumed mainly in Europe.

  • Diesel

Diesel strains have also been used countless times in the creation of new cannabis strains, as they provide a very characteristic, intense and citrus aroma with hints of fuel (hence their name) and sometimes mandarin-like citrus.

Some of the best known Diesel are Chemdawg 4 (predecessor of most of the Diesel), the famous Sour Diesel and the refreshing Tangie.

  • Other classic aromas

Other varieties that users recognize as such or that they recognize as cannabis in general could be Jamaican Dream, a famous Jamaican sativa, or Critical Jack, a cross between two of the most well-known varieties in Europe or even Gorilla Glue, one of the American varieties best known.


  • The characteristic aromas of cannabis strains are very special and complex and are not widely used in cosmetics, so it is a great added value.
  • Adding our scents allows us to label a product as “Contains cannabis aromas” or more specifically “Contains Amnesia aroma”, another value that adds up.
  • The user will enjoy a multitude of benefits thanks to all the properties contained in each of the terpenes added in the formulation.
  • If cannabinoids such as CBD are also added to the cosmetic formulation, the benefits will multiply, due to the synergy of terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • The use of terpenes profile provides a much more complex aroma and many more benefits for the user than the use of one or two isolated terpenes.

What did you think of this post? Do you have any questions or want to leave your opinion? Leave your comment below.

See you in the next post!

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