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what is terpinolene

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Hello again, terpene lovers. Today in Cali Terpenes we will discover what Terpinolene is, this so common terpene, what properties and effects it has as well as in which cannabis strains it’s found.

What is Terpinolene? The world of terpenes:

Terpinolene is one of the main terpenes in certain Cannabis plants.

It can also be found in cumin, apple tree, rosemary and tea tree, among others.

This terpene plays a central role in defining the flavor and aroma of some great strains, for example the legendary Amnesia.

Regardless of its classification as Indica or Sativa, terpinolene is found in all kinds of strains.

Even so, it has been observed that it is usually found with a higher proportion and frequency in strains with dominance of THC, and it is rare to find any high strain with high CBD and also high Terpinolene.

By the way, more and more breeders are now developing new varieties rich in CBD, so step by step surely more varieties high in CBD and terpinolene will begin to exist.

Thanks to its fresh aroma, terpinolene is very often used in the production of soaps, among others hygiene products.

terpenes information
Terpinolene terpene is present in many cannabis strains, especially those with lemon or incense citrus aromas, such as 10K Jack (Jack Herer) Amnesia or Gipsy Haze.

What properties does Terpinolene have?

Like other terpenes, terpinolene can modulate the effects of cannabinoids (THC, CBD …) and it’s thanks to this that many varieties provide us such a pleasant effect that improves the mood.

Several studies have shown the anxiolytic qualities of terpinolene, using this molecule for stress and anxiety relief.

It also has antioxidant, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

5 examples of strains with high % of Terpinolene:

1) Amnesia: a classic, a cannabis legend. This Sativa predominant with high level of THC has a characteristic intense aroma and flavor; a mix of citrus, with earthy, sweet and spicy touches at the same time.

It won the first prize at the Cannabis Cup in 2004, and since that day it’s still one of the most sought-after and appreciated strains for everyone, especially for the most nostalgic 🙂

Indispensable in all Dutch coffe shops and cannabis clubs from Spain.

critical jack terpenes
The famous strain Critical Jack is rich in Terpinolene, which gives it that citric and fresh aroma.

2) 10K Jack: Legend says that this American selection was made from 10.000 seeds of “Jack Herer” strain, which was originally created in the 1990s in the Netherlands.

10k Jack has a citric and fruity aroma reminiscent of pine and lemon, with a clear sweet and earthy flavour.

Predominantly sativa, it is perfect for increase the creativity and for sharing good times with friends.

3) Gipsy Haze: This cross of Jack Herer x (Black Domina x Space Bomb)  from Eva Seeds seedbank has an intense aroma and citric haze flavor, mixing hints of fruit such as mango and lime with hints of incense.

The terpene profile of this strain is made up of 40% terpinolene.

The most intense “Haze” from our catalogue.

4) Critical Jack: It’s a hybrid variety have a high level of terpinolene.

It’s daughter of the famous: Jack Herer and Critical, of course the result is amazing: intense citrus-like lemon aroma and flavor with hints of pine and a clear floral background, a delight for the palate.

Critical Jack is perfect for daytime consumption and to increase appetite.

5) Grapefruit OG: This cannabis strain has high THC leves.

This terpene profile is really special, very different from other varieties.

Its aroma reminds the grapefruit, with citrus and earthy touches, really exotic!

american cannabis
The American cannabis strain Grapefruit OG is high in Terpinolene, which combined with its other terpenes makes it have a super special aroma.

For any information you may need, please leave your comment and we will pleased to answer to your questions.

See you the next post!

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