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What is Linalool? Terpenes, cannabis and other plants

what is linalool terpene

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Welcome back terpenes lovers! Today we want to discover what Linalool is. Is one of the most common terpenes founded in Cannabis and other plants and now we’ll learn about properties of Linalool and other curiosities, such as which varieties are richer in Linalool.

What is Linalool?

Linalool is a monoterpene with an alcohol group , found in more than 200 plants as: laurel, tangerine, lavender, spearmint, rose, cypress, lemon, in some cannabis strains and many more..

Its floral smell, with a mentholated touch, has given it popularity for use in aromatic and/or cosmetic products. However, the great power of Linalool is also in the mixture with other different terpenes, since it acts in synergy with them.

linalool terpene
Linalool is a terpene that can be found in many cannabis strains and also in many plants as lavender.

What therapeutic attributes does Linalool have?

  • Sedative and anxiolytic: there are studies that demonstrate the anxiolytic and calming effect of Linalool.
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory: Linalool has analgesic effects mediated by type 2 adenosine receptors and glutamate receptors.
  • Antibacterials: Linalool terpenes are active against a broad spectrum of micro-orgranisms.

The effect of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG…) associated to other terpenes can modulate their effect in the presence of certain proportions of Linalool.

Top 5 stains with high percentage of Linalool

Linalool is a terpene that can be found in high proportions in certain cannabis strains. Some of those are:

1- DoSiDos: her parents are OGKB (OG Kush Breath) and Face Off OG (a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype). This plant has glittering trichomes and lime & green lavender leaves. Its aroma is pungent, sweet and earthy. These classic Kush aromas blend nicely with its sedative body effects.

eliquid cheese
The e-liquid with Cheese terpenes was selected for the e-liquid catalog of Cali Terpenes for her terpene profile rich in Linalool.

2- Mojito: is a sativa dominant hybrid strain, was created through crossing the Limegerian (Lime Kush x Nigerian) and Orange Blossom Trail strains. Mojito’s aroma reminds of lime and mint with hints of chocolates and citrus. Its high is powerful and fills your mind with a feeling of peace and a relaxing effect on the body without affecting you energy level in the slightest. This strain will drag you to The Caribbean!

3- Cheese: its acid and spicy aroma reminds of cheese and earth. This is one of the most popular cannabis strain in the world, it was created in the 80’s. A legend says that a California grower called “the Skunkman” moved to the Netherlands to get serious about growing. He brought with him the iconic strain of his creation, Skunk #1.

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This became popular among Dutch cultivators; however, a recurring problem was that the smell from the pants was too strong and it was difficult to avoid attracting unwanted attention. When a batch of Skunk seeds found its way to the UK in 1988, something peculiar happened. A grower discovered that the resulting plant had a distinctly cheesy stench. Noting the massive yields from this plant, they cloned it and saw its success spread throughout the country. Cheese proliferate at several festivals and alternative communities in the 90s, becoming the strain of choice for those in the budding rave scene.

4- Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): With a very interesting proportion of Linalool, its aroma is sweet, flora and earthy, with hints of mint, spices and lemon. Today it’s one of the most popular cannabis strain in the world, from California it took very little to reach Europe market. Girl Scout Cookies is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, it has a powerful but balanced and lasting effect, is a perfect variety for those who want to be filled with energy and positivity. Its buds exceed 20% of THC and it’s definitely a variety of superior quality.

girl scout cookies terps
Girl Scout Cookies terpenes have a sweet, floral and earthy aroma with mint, spices and lemon touches.

5- Kashmir Kush: This strain has a distinctive and exotic aroma. Its earthy and citrus flavor also combines spicy touches, vanilla sweets and berries. Kashmir Kush comes from the cross between Vanilla Kush and Purple Pig, these two strains complement each other and the result is of great impact. The THC level of its buds exceeds 20% and has very little CBD, it is an excellent variety of Kush that produces extremely rewarding buds.

Now you know what Linalool is, what his properties are and where to find it. Remember that all the terpenes profiles of these strains are available on our web site.

See you the next!

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