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What is Limonene? Discovering terpenes

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Hello again dear lover of terpenes. Today in Cali Terpenes, we want to show you one of most common terpenes in cannabis and many plants, the Limonene.

¿What Limonene is?

Limonene is a terpene that can be found in many citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime,…) as well as in mint, rosemary and other plants.

The aroma is a mixture of sweet, bitter and acid. In plants, this terpene have the function to drive awat parasits and plagues.

Is really common the use of Limonene in cosmethics, pharmaceutics, food industry and aromatherapy and other industries.

Limonene is also one of main terpenes in Cannabis. It can be found especially in varieties with citrus aroma, many of them classified as Sativas, “Haze” or “Diesel”.

¿What properties does Limonene have?

  • Is a natural energizer, so it can improve the mood and there are some clinic trials where improvement were observed in people with low levels of endocrine hormones.
  • It’s anti-fungical: it have properties that inhibit the proliferation of some fungus, especially those that effect food products.
  • Anti-inflammatory: there are studies that affirm the potential of Limonene to treat inflammations and help to metabolize cancerinogen substances in mammals.
terpenes in mint
Limonene is one of the most common terpenes, it can be found in citrus fruits such as orange and lemon and in other plants such as rosemary, cannabis or mint.

5 examples of strains with high % of Limonene:

1- Chocolate Mint OG is an strain classified as Indica. Created in California from a cross of Emerald OG (OG Kush) and Grandaddy Purple. It has a really characteristic aroma, mix of chocolate, mint, pine and “Diesel” notes.

The THC level of their flowers is so high (+22%) so their effect is so powerful, not recommended for starters.

2. 3 Kings is the result of an awesome and right cross of Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. This is an hybrid classified as Sativa dominant, the effect is strong and cerebral . The effect is also recommended to relieve pain, stress or sickness, so is really famous between therapeutic users.

It has an aroma and flavor that mixes earthy, citrus “Diesel” and pine.

3. Sour Diesel is a word famous  strain that make to fall in love to thousands of cannabis lovers. This strain classified as Sativa dominant and coming from California, has a deep, sour and herbal aroma and flavor with earthy, fresh and “Diesel” notes. A real cannabis legend.

4. 24K Gold is an strain product of crossing of Kosher Kush and Tangie, for this reason is also known as “Kosher Tangie“. This strain is especially known for her full of resin flowers, with an intense aroma and flavor mix of sweet, citrus and earthy notes.

5. Orange Turbo is a tasty hybrid, cross og Orange Creamsicle and Turbo Diesel. es una sabrosa hibrida procedente del cruce entre Orange Creamsicle y Turbo Diesel. As the name suggest, the aroma of Orange Turbo reminds of orange, with sweet and sour notes. The effect is ideal to take a relax time after a day of work or to relieve stress.

Then you have a general idea about what Limonene is, what it makes and where do you can find it.

Remember, all the cannabis terpene profiles of the strains mentioned are available in our catalog.

chocolate mint og cannabis
Chocolate Mint OG is a variety rich in Limonene terpene, which has a really special aroma that combines touches of mint, chocolate, pine and “Diesel”.

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