The vaping industry is constantly at its peak, especially due to the huge number of smokers who want to give up the bad habit of smoking and reduce risks.

There are several researches by doctors and experts in health which claim that vaping reduces around 95% of the risks derived from smoking.

The most popular vaping methods are e-liquids, vaping with herbs and distillates from cannabinoids -the later in states in which it is legal, such as Canada or California.

Eliquids vape industry


E-liquids are generally mixtures of propylene glycol, vegetal glycerine and aromas.

Terpenes profiles are used in e-liquids to provide aroma and flavour to different varieties of cannabis, to enjoy its great flavour without combustion.

Terpenes act as other flavourings in e-liquids, but they also count on a wide range of hints in its flavour that most flavourings do not have.

Cali Terpenes have two e-liquid lines:

  • E-liquids with terpenes (e-liquids with different cannabis flavors), 0% Cannabinoids (0% THC, CBD, CBG,...), ideal to enjoy each cannabis flavor. del sabor a cada variedad de cannabis.
  • E-liquids CBD (e-liquids with different cannabis flavors and CBD), ideal to enjoy each cannabis flavor and also the properties of CBD (Cannabidiol).

The philosophy of Cali Terpenes' e-liquids is easy, enjoy the different cannabis flavors and/or the properties of CBD without generating combustion, avoiding the risks derived from them.

Nevertheless, we also offer our terpenes for vaping to other brands to produce their e-liquids, if you are interested in it, visit our professional access.

Visit our articles "how to make cannabis flavored e-liquid" or "how to make CBD e-liquid" if you want to create your own e-liquids.

Cali Terpenes e-liquids


For the last few years, plenty of countries and states in the world have legalised cannabis and its derivates, for their recreational and/or medical use.

This has generated a noticeable increase of the production and consumption of distillates from cannabinoids such as CBD or THC in vaping format, in places like Canada, Colorado or California.

Terpenes are used to provide aroma and flavour of the different varieties of cannabis to a same base (distillate from CBD or THC) so that different products can be obtained.

Cannabis distillate thc cbd


Our terpenes can also be used to add aroma and flavour to herbs for vaping.

The use of our terpenes profiles in flowers for ambience vaporising or vaping will increase its organoleptic quality, that is, it will add flavour and aroma.