Cannabis terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) are used in a huge number of products of the cannabis sector.

They are mainly used in countries or states where cannabis is legal, like Canada or most states in the USA (California, Colorado, Nevada…). They are also used in countries where hemp and its derivates (like CBD) are legal, such as Italy or Switzerland.

The use of cannabis terpenes profiles instead of terpenes extracted directly from cannabis provide a greater stability and quality standards in the final product. Furthermore, it makes our product legal worldwide, against terpenes extracted directly from cannabis, which do suffer from hard laws and regulations in different countries.


Here you can find some examples of cannabis products in which our terpenes are used:

Extractions and/or extracts of cannabis:

Our terpenes are used in any types of extractions and extracts of cannabis, to provide a faithful aroma and flavour of every variety and improve its quality. Some examples:

  • Dry extractions (dry hash o dry sift).
  • Extractions with water and ice (ice water hash, iceolator, fullmelt, bubblehash,…)
  • Co2 extractions.
  • Extractions with butane or propane (BHO o PHO).
  • Extractions trough pressure and heat (rosin/rosintech).
  • Distillates from cannabinoids.
  • Dyes.

Cannabis terpenes

Vaporizers of extractions:

The legal market of cannabis tends to offer more and more products that need to keep its stability.

The most fashionable ones are the ‘Vape Pens’ or ‘Dab pens’, which contain distillates from cannabinoids such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (Cannabidiol), and terpenes of different varieties.

Terpenes provide with aroma and flavour to these mixtures of specific varieties because distillates from cannabinoids do not have aromatic properties.

Moreover, every cannabis terpenes profile provides a different effect, characteristic of the variety used to mix it up with cannabinoids, so with the same base of distillate from cannabinoids and different terpenes profiles several products can be offered.

This terpenes’ property of modifying the effect of cannabinoids is known as ‘entourage effect’.

Cannabis vape

Cannabis flowers:

Terpenes are in all cannabis flowers, but sometimes, due to a bad dry process or to genetics itself, cannabis flowers might not have a lot of terpenes, which means a poor aroma and flavour.

Our cannabis terpenes profiles (our cannabis aromas) enhance the quality of the cannabis or hemp flowers that have lost their aroma or flavour.

This method is mainly used in the production of ‘cannabis light’ or CBD flowers in Switzerland, Italy and other countries, where terpenes are used to enhance the aroma and flavour of already dried flowers.

Cannabis bud