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What are the substantial differences and the legal differences between cannabis derived terpenes and non-cannabis derived terpenes?

In this post, you’ll learn the differences between these two types of terpenes, including the pros and cons of each and where they both fall in the legal system.

Cannabis derived terpenes vs Non-Cannabis derived terpenes:

Among all the cannabis strains was found more than 200 various terpenes , but actually you can found terpenes also in all living plants, flowers and fruit.

While cannabinoids are odorless and tasteless, it’s these terpenes that give each marijuana strain its unique smell and flavor profile, and this is also why you’ll find terpenes on the market sourced from both cannabis and non-cannabis plants.

terpenes of cannabis
Cannabinoids are practically odorless and tasteless; are the terpenes that provide a unique profile of smell and taste to each variety of marijuana

The differences between Cannabis derived and non-Cannabis derived terpenes:

In the same way essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus are extracted from their respective plants, so too can terpenes be extracted from the plants which make and house them.

The laboratories that Cali Terpenes used have the technology to identify and isolate terpenes in plants and fruits and then extract only the individual (isolated) terpenes  for reproduce each cannabis terpene profile.

As we mentioned, there are two main categories of terpenes:

1. Cannabis derived terpenes: are extracted and sourced directly from cannabis plants.
2. Non-cannabis derived terpenes: are extracted and sourced from others plants or created in a lab.

a) Synthetic terpenes: which are not sourced from actual plants and are instead created in a lab using chemical ingredients.
b) Natural/botanical terpenes: which are extracted from the actual plant or fruit material. Terpenes from Cali Terpenes correspond to this group.

natural terpenes
Natural or botanical terpenes are extracted from plants and recomposed in the laboratory to have the exact terpene profile of cannabis terpenes, this is the case of Cali Terpenes.

The Pros and Cons of Cannabis derived terpenes:

Durante su inhalación directa, estos terpenos te permiten probar el sabor real de la planta They may be illegal in some countries, where cannabis is not allowed
Entourage Effect  guaranteed The production cost is very high, because cannabis have high prices and the extraction process offers a very low return
They can’t always guarantee identical batches of product, because the plants  are not the same and the cannabis terpene profile according to the conditions received.
Can be harsh and irritating when you vaporize them because they sometimes contain moisture or traces of water that naturally occur in the plants.
They don’t usually have technical data sheets or safety data sheets that indicate their composition and limitations of use, which make their use in produccion in different industries difficult. ** Information added by Cali Terpenes
terpenes of cannabis
Cannabis terpenes guarantee the entourage effect, but their commercialization and use for production is illegal in most countries.

The Pros and Cons of Non-Cannabis derived Terpenes:

The steam-distilling process is standardized, so as not only to obtain pure and high-quality terpenes, but also to ensure identical batches over time

There are no knowing psychoactive effects, because they don’t contain any cannabinoids. Although the terpenes are identical, the exact smell and taste will be slightly different, due to the absence of non-terpene elements.
They cost less than cannabis derived terpenes They might have a stronger taste, due to its higher concentration than cannabis derived terpenes, which translates into a need for less quantity to get the same result.
Are just as effective as those derived from cannabis plants, because at the molecular level they are the same. The full Entourage Effect is only found on brands that reproduce all terpenes.
They can also bind to cannabinoid receptors
The steam-distilling process is standarized, so as not only to obtain pure an high-quality terpenes, but also to ensure identical batches over time.
They are legal almost over the world
non cannabis derived terpenes
Terpenes of Cali Terpenes belong to the group of botanical (non-synthetic) terpenes not derived from cannabis, although they have the same effectiveness and entourage effect as cannabis terpenes, since they reproduce faithfully.

Are terpenes legal?

Because terpenes extracted from cannabis plants fall into the category of “marijuana”, terpenes derived from cannabis are considered illegal in most countries.

However, terpenes derived from cannabis are legal in states with recreational marijuana (and some medical marijuana states).

The good news is that terpenes not derived from cannabis are legal in most countries since they do not come from Cannabis, but from plants that are legal, such as herbs and fruits. In addition, they have the necessary documentation for their use in different sectors.

Why Cali Terpenes?

Terpenes of Cali Terpenes are extracted naturally from botanical sources and then isolated in laboratory to be able to faithfully reproduce the terpene profile of the most renowned cannabis strains like Super Lemon Haze or Jamaican Dream with the maximum perfection.

The result is a pure and high quality aroma that offers many advantages: it is legal, standardized and effective as terpenes derived from cannabis are, and having to use less quantity given its purity.

Cali Terpenes has a great team of aromatists, chemists, doctors and also experts in cannabinoids, terpenes and cannabis, which include part of the Eva Seedsseed bank team.

Cali Terpenes controls the entire terpenes manufacturing process:

  • Selection of elite clones
  • Cultivation
  • Extraction of samples
  • Laboratory reproduction process
  • Production process

This allows Cali Terpenes to offer terpenes profiles 100% faithful to the original aromas. It has a unlimited production under strict GMP regulations.

are terpenes legal
Terpenes of Cali Terpenes are legal throughout the world, since they do not contain cannabinoids, are manufactured under GMP conditions, have all the necessary documentation for use in different sectors and are of a totally legal botanical origin.

Summary extracted from Humidify with added information from Cali Terpenes. Click here to read the original article!

In Cali Terpenes we love cannabis, all its properties and the incredible aromatic profiles it offers, this is one of the reasons why we decided to reproduce its aromas legally and in a standardized way for use in all types of sectors.

See you in the next post!

Cali Terpenes.

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