How to add cannabis aroma to dried flowers and herbs with Terps Spray

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Hello again, flavor lovers today from Cali Terpenes, we want to show you how to use Terps Spray on all kinds of dried flowers or dried herbs.

Can you imagine being able to add the characteristic aromas of Amnesia o Jamaican Dream to all kinds of dried herbs, in just a few seconds?

Adding cannabis aroma to herbs has never been easier!

How to use Terps Spray on dried flowers and/or herbs:

Many followers asked us about how to use terpenes in weed or buds.

Terps Spray is the best method to easily add terpenes (cannabis aromas) to dried flowers and herbs such as “CBD flowers” used for room scenting.

Thanks to the micro-spray of terpenes offered by Terps Spray, you can aromatize large quantities of flowers and/or herbs quickly, easily and homogeneously.

The usual terpene’s format of Cali Terpenes is perfect for adding flavor to extracts and resins, as well as for preparing recipes, cosmetics and also for flowers, but the process could be somewhat more difficult. With Terps Spray aromatize dry flowers or herbs is really easy and the result is amazing.

For a correct application of terpenes, spread the flowers or herbs as much as possible, do not pile them up.

  • Spray on the flowers or dried herbs at a distance of 35-45cm, ensuring a quick and homogeneous pass over it, so as not to create excess aroma in certain areas.
  • Once sprayed on the final product (both sides), store it in an airtight container to achieve complete homogenization.
  • Each second of spray is equivalent to around 0.4/0.8ml of aroma depending on the pressure applied on the button.

*Ideal to leave at least 24 hours of rest in an airtight container for a better homogenization of the terpenes in the flowers.

** The quantity of the aroma added to your product should never exceed 4% of its total weight.

With 5ml of Terps Spray you can aromatize approximately 500gr to 1kg of flowers or dried herbs.

Recommendations and safety measures for Terps Spray:

    • Read the safety warnings on the box and the instructions inside before you start using Terps Spray.
    • Spray the product to be flavored at a distance of 35-45cm, making quick passes to avoid product accumulations.
    • Make sure you take all the safety measures before you start using Terps Spray: wear nitrile gloves, mask and goggles while using the spray.
    • Do not apply Terps Spray on skin, it is not a deodorant.
    • Store the Terps Spray in a dark and cold place.
    • Once done, clean the spray carefully.
aromatize weed
How to use terpenes on dried buds or weed? Easy, with Terps Spray in a few seconds you can aromatize large quantities of product.

If you have any questions when using Terps Spray or want to share a recipe with the community, ask our technical team or leave your comment.

See you in the next post!

Cali Terpenes.

44 thoughts on “How to add cannabis aroma to dried flowers and herbs with Terps Spray”

  1. Is it possible to rub a bit of the E-juice version of Cali terpenes to buds or the Dosidos Cali terp is the only one I have that does not say E-Juice, could I lightly rub the buds with a small bit of that ?

    1. Hello 🙂
      Only terpenes or Terps Spray (pure terpenes in spray format) can be added in buds.
      The e-juice or e-liquid are made to vape directly into electronic cigarettes or vapers.

      Hugs 🙂
      Cali Terpenes

      1. Sure, the e-liquids are not able to apply into buds, only terpenes, and better Terps Spray to make it homogeneusly.

        Hugs 🙂
        Cali Terpenes

      1. Hi,
        you can get the Terps Spray in our website or in grow shops.
        Where are you from?

        Cali Terpenes

      1. No, this product adds terpenes, which boost the aroma and flavor, modulate the effects based on the entourage effect, and increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids.
        Cali Terpenes

  2. Can you smoke it after you terp spray the bud?Does it change the color of the ash and will regular bud taste/smell any better ,interested in this product!!!!

    1. Hello,
      terpenes are naturally present in the buds. Our terpenes also have a natural (botanical) origin.
      Black ash is caused by the presence of fertilizers, no to have terpenes.

      Hugs 🙂
      Cali Terpenes

      1. Black ash is caused by a low temp burn usually due to moisture. White ash is a high temp burn. It has nothing to do with fertilizer.

        1. Sorry, but when a plant is too loaded with unwanted nutrients for that stage, the ash turns black in many cases.

          Cali Terpenes

  3. Just read an article about cannabis connoisse CDC urship in a Las Vegas magazine. he Philip Wolf from Cultivating Spirits claims that the key is appreciating terpenes and that he considers the Terpenes the smell more so than the potency and he feels that the smell is what makes you feel the high. But if you can just spray on any kind of Terpene smell that you want then There would seem to be a disconnect between the terpene flavor you add in and the high you get. what’s up with that?

    1. Hello dear,
      terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor of the plants. In other way, terpenes modulate the effect of cannabinoids.
      For example: when you add the Gipsy Haze terpene profile to a THC distillate, this distillate will have the Gipsy Haze aroma and flavor, but also the uplifting effect of this sativa.

      Hugs 🙂
      Cali Terpenes

  4. Hi, if I have cbd hash (100grams) can i turn the smell (aroma), taste and stickyness into real hash? Of course without thc but i just bought 100 grams of cbd hash and it doesnt have any good smell, only smell of henna and the taste is no bueno and not sticky at all 🙁 what can I do? Can I use your products?

    1. Hi,
      yes, our terpenes are used to increase the aroma and quality of cbd extracts, to add them flavors of cannabis strains, not from hemp.
      In this blog, category “To use terpenes”, you can see 4 tutorials of adding terpenes to extracts (1 of terps spray and 3 of liquid terpenes).

      Hugs 🙂
      Cali Terpenes

    1. Terpenes have their weight, but it is not really significant at 28 grams.

      On the other hand, if you want to add aroma & flavor with Terps Spray to those 28gr, you will have to make one or two quick pulsations, as they are designed to work with large amounts of buds.

      Hugs 🙂
      Cali Terpenes

  5. How can I order a bottle of the spray and can I get it for Bruce banner N gorilla glue blue dream N Burgman gold leaf. Would like your suggestions on each flower

    1. Dear Darryl, you can order Terps Spray at this link.
      At the moment we have 10 varieties available, sure you can find the best one that will fits for you.

      In order to know how to aromatize with Terps Spray, have a look to our video-tutorials.

      If you need further assistence you can contact us by e-mail, we are always at your disposal.

      Best regards,
      Cali Terpenes

    1. Thanks for your interest in our products 🙂
      You can make the purchase easly through our web-page.

      Wish you a good day,
      Cali Terpenes

  6. Hello i ordered the gorilla glue 5ml and sprayed it onto 750g of flower will this be enough and how long should i leave it in an air tight container?

    1. Hello 🙂
      It should, so Terps Spray 5ml is usually used to aromatize from 500 to 1000gr flower.

      You should leave it in an air tight container for 24h at least.

      Hugs 🙂
      Cali Terpenes

    1. Are you mean good weed smell right?
      They have the terpene profile of each strain, in a pure format. The best way is to add the same or a similar Terps Spray in the flowers. For example, if you have Amnesia flowers, use Amnesia Terps Spray, because mixing flavors is not always successful.

      Cali Terpenes

    1. Hello,
      we don’t mix the terpenes with anything in our Terps Spray. We only use nitrogen to put pressure on the terpenes and they come out at high pressure through the micro-spray valve.

      Cali Terpenes

  7. Why don’t you guys deliver in the US yall would make alot of money here, I would be the spokesperson for you guys

    1. Hello, we ship to the US practically every day/every week so you can order without problems throw our website.

      HUgs 🙂

    1. Hi,
      It doesn’t affect color; Terps Spray adds scent, flavor, and consequently, the properties and benefits of terpenes, such as the entourage effect.

      Hugs, Cali Terpenes

    1. Hello,
      It doesn’t affect color; Terps Spray adds scent, flavor, and consequently, the properties and benefits of terpenes, such as the entourage effect.
      Cali Terpenes

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