Cali Terpenes at the Barcelona Science & Cooking World Congress 2023

The Barcelona Science and Cooking World Congress is one of the most important gastronomic events. Cali Terpenes had another go around this year, surprising renowned members of the culinary scene. Keep reading to find out how!
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Science and cooking? Absolutely! This November 13, 14, and 15th, Cali Terpenes had the great honor of once again participating in the Science & Cooking World Congress held at the University of Barcelona.

This prestigious event brought together distinguished minds in the world of food, internationally recognized chefs, restaurant owners and professionals, and leading companies in food innovation, among others.

A very special brunch: Merging Science, Gastronomy, and Cannabis aromas

Without a doubt, Cali Terpenes captivated the taste buds and hearts of attendees with a brunch that took the culinary and overall experience to a higher level, creating an experience where science and gastronomy merged in an innovative way. To summarize, it was a showcase involving the power of terpenes in food.

cannabis aromas
Among the attendees at the Science & Cooking World Congress were renowned chefs, restaurant owners, food companies, and other professionals and celebrities in the industry, such as François Chartier, an expert in aroma combination and food.

Selection of pastries with terpenes

In the tasting menu at the brunch, attendees sampled sweets created by Wake and Bakery Naiss and other selected beverages, as detailed below.

  • Danish cookies with Jamaican Dream terpenes

Seemingly simple, these cookies took participants on a unique sensory journey with each bite, leading them to new worlds of flavor.

  • Cream beignets with Blackberry Kush terpenes

These famous cream beignets with Wake And Bakery terpenes had to be included —a delicious creation that won over even the most discerning connoisseurs.

cannabis munchies
We are proud to say that our selection of food and drinks with terpenes was a complete success at the Science & Cooking World Congress.
  • Chocolate truffles with Monster terpenes

An explosion of balanced flavors with an intense taste of dark chocolate, offering a new perspective to all chocolate lovers who visited us.

Refreshing terpene-infused beverages

  • Sparkling water with Terpenes

With just 1 drop of Blackberry Kush beverage terpenes, specially designed for beverages, in 1 liter of carbonated water, we managed to surprise everyone who tried it.

  • Beer with terpenes, Mary Jane beer by Cerex and Mary Jane Gourmet

The recently awarded silver medalist at the 2023 World Beer Awards was also a hit at the Science and Cooking World Congress.

  • Session IPA beer with terpenes, Wonderland by Bierboi

Wonderland beer gained even more fans after this event, as the attendees’ feedback was 100% positive—truly amazing! Additionally, right after the Science & Cooking WC, the Beer Championship Awards took place, where Wonderland received a Silver Medal in the Specialty Beer category.

  • Gin with Cerex and Mary Jane Gourmet terpenes

Literally, one of the most heard phrases was: “the best gin I’ve ever tasted, I didn’t think I could drink it straight.” The combination of botanic ingredients in this 5-distillation gin is set to make waves in the world of mixology.

A commitment to excellence and innovation

To summarize, the Science & Cooking World Congress was the perfect stage for Cali Terpenes to once again demonstrate its commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of gastronomy, forging connections with true enthusiasts in the field.

With our participation in this congress, Cali Terpenes reaffirms its position as a leader in the terpene industry, inspiring chefs and food lovers to explore new frontiers in the kitchen.

We are excited about the future of food, which has already become an incredible present, and look forward to continuing to share our exciting culinary journey.

Until the next edition!

Cali Terpenes

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