customer opinion


Raw Hemp, Sweden

“In our search to create a fantastic vaping experience for our customers, we’ve decided to collaborate with Cali Terpenes to get the highest quality from our products.

Cali Terpenes’ Terpenes have the natural aroma and flavor that we’ve been looking for and that our customers love.”


Sir Hopper, Argentina

“I arrived at Cali Terpenes in search of high-quality terpenes to make my Hemp IPA. They advised me from the very start.

My terpene beers have achieved such a high quality that I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world.”


420 Friends x Locals Only Br, Brazil

"In 2021 our friends from 420 Friends showed us some samples from Cali Terpenes and it was completely different from what we’ve tested before. After a couple of calls with Cali team we decided to focus on 2 strains to launch our series of collaboration beers with 420 Friends called “Liquid Smoke”.

The result is fantastic people from all over Brazil are loving it and we’ve just won a bronze medal at South Beer Cup against beers from all over South America"


Iguana Smoke, Spain

“We trust Cali Terpenes with the cannabis flavored terpenes we use in our CBD vapes. From day one they helped us and gave us the best advice.

We’re big fans of the flavor and aroma that terpenes give our vapes, and so are our customers.”


EnVolá x Alameda Beer co, Chile

“We like to experiment, and there’s nothing better than doing so with the right ingredients.

Cali Terpenes adds a new, fun, immersive side to the beer industry.”


Wake and Bakery, Spain

“Every day I’m on the search for new flavors and unusual combinations.

By using Cali Terpenes, the game has changed… a wide aromatic bouquet that allows me to surprise my customers, bite after bite with flavors out of this world!

An excellent product that 100% gives what it promises!


Sanson Craft Beer, Argentina

“Excellent product, high quality, increasing the sensorial profile of our brews by immeasurable bounds.

We’re very happy to be able to work with Cali Terpenes”


Santa Planta x Cerveza Temple, Argentina

“We had been experimenting with terpenes within our Hemp Beer range. When we heard about Cali Terpenes and their team, we understood which path we had to take.

They not only have the highest quality of products on the market, but the people behind it all work nonstop to surpass all of our expectations.

Here at Temple and Santa Planta we’re incredibly happy with the results we achieved with our products.”


Canna Hopper, Belgium

"We have brewed several beers with the flavors of Cali terpenes Barcelona. We like your products because there is a wide range of choice that is perfect to combine with what we offer as a company.

They all taste and smell very naturally. We are proud to work together."


CannaCream Helados, Argentina

"We’re an Argentinian company that makes artisanal ice cream on a massive scale, and we’re always looking to get the best materials on the market. A while ago, we began experimenting with creating the best cannabis flavored creams possible.

Thanks to Cali Terpenes, we achieved amazing results. We’re truly happy. By combining our experience in ice cream making with the magic of terpenes we were able to create a product that local customers adored.

We’re happy with our formulas, although we’ll always be looking for ways to achieve new flavors and develop new products alongside Cali Terpenes.”


Mary Jane Gourmet, Spain

“Our beer was created, without a doubt, thanks to Cali Terpenes, an idea that came about after getting to test different cannabis terpene profiles on the market – they add a marvelous flavor to our products.

We hope to be able to keep creating amazing products alongside this excellent company.”


Mash Gang, united kingdom

"When we started this project "couldn't be done" but Cali Terpenes released a whole bunch of liquid stable terpenes.

Class act."


Natural Suit CBD, Spain

“Our collaboration with Cali Terpenes has provided some of the best CBD flowers in our catalogue.

Thanks to the quality of their products, we’ve achieved amazing results as well as helped remove the taboo that’s still surrounding the CBD sector and terpenes."


Swiid Cannabis Drink, Belgium

"After developing our CannaHopper range of beers we started with the idea to have a range of softdrinks.

To bring something new and tasty on the market we chose to work with our friends Cali Terpenes from Barcelona."


Terpenica, Argentina

We want to thank Cali Terpenes for their professionalism and support during our development, as well as their cordiality and time, which was offered selflessly right from the start!

Thank you for keeping us company!”