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Cali Terpenes are mainly dedicated to the production and commercialization of cannabis terpene profiles, to use in different industries: vaporization, food, cosmetic and legal cannabis.


  • Pure, organic and of natural origin, presented in liquid format.
  • With our terpenes, you can add the flavor of your favorite cannabis strains like Critical or OG Kush to your e-liquids, cannabis extractions or concentrates, edibles and drinks.
  • The best quality of the market at your fingertips. What do you imagine? You can add the aroma and flavor of your favorite varieties to anything !
  • Used also in cosmethics, aromatherapy, tinctures,...


Terpenes Cali



Cali Terpenes produce also the best quality e-liquids with terpenes, as the Amnesia e-liquid or the Girl Scout Cookies e-liquid, to vape in electronic cigarrettes (e-cigs), vape pens or e-liquid vaporizers.

  • Perfect for people in love with cannabis flavors, vape lovers and those smokers who are looking for a new and healthier option.
  • Our e-liquids with terpenes are ideal to enjoy the taste of cannabis varieties without combustion in the known "vapes", e-liquids vaporizers, or electronic cigarrettes (e-cigs).
  • Reduces around 95% the risks derived from smoking.
  • Formulated in collaboration with DR. Mariano García de Palau.
  • Our e-liquids and vaporization philosophy take the vaping world one step further, so the formulation is designed to reduce the few risks that can be generated during vaping.
  • You can also use our e-liquids to easily dissolve cannabis extractions and concentrates as well as modulate the effect of cannabinoids.

Cali Terpenes e liquids


We have the best vaporizers for e-liquids and accessories of vape world, you will find everything that you need here.

In this category you will find:

  • E-liquid vaporizers like the fantastic SMOK Novo Pod Kit.
  • Vaporizable / edible liquid bases, such as Propylene Glycol in small or big sizes, as well as vegetable glycerin.
  • Accessories for vaporizers, such as the Novo Pod Kit atomizer replacements.

Terpene vaporizers


Have you ever imagined eating a salad, a snack or a dessert with cannabis flavour? But not any cannabis, flavored with your favorite variety, such as Jamaican Dream or Amnesia.

It's already possible thanks to our terpenes!

Here you will find a selection of foods with terpenes, such as the famous Amnesia Hemp Chips, the delicious orange honey with AK 47 terpenes or the amazing Black Dream olive oil.


Alimentation with terpenes



All those small things that greatly facilitate the tasks, here you can find different tools and laboratory equipment to use and mix the terpenes for different things.

From dabbers to mix easily to cold glass vapes to test the flavor of terpenes.


For our best followers, we have the best merchandising to always take us with you; t-shirts, hats, lanyards, ...

Always the best quality for you!

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Merchandising Cali Terpenes

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