Cali Terpenes Packs


In this category you will find fantastic packs of terpenes, e-liquids and Cali Terpenes merchandising at the best price.

Save money with your purchases with 5ml packs of different terpenes, such as the USA 3 terpenes pack or the Hashtag 1 terpenes Pack, and also 10ml packs of different terpenes, such as the Tuttifrutti 1 Mega Pack.

If you want to try all the different terpenes varieties at the best price, we have for you our Welcome Pack of terpenes, with 1ml of all our varieties and also the 25ml pack of terpenes, the Starter Pack 25.

For e-liquids lovers we offer the best e-liquids packs with vaporiser, such as the Kit Eleaf x Just Fog + CBD e-liquid, as well as combined packs of e-liquids such as Pack Sativa 1 to enjoy the different varieties at the best price.

Choose your favourite ones and enjoy yourself!

Cali Terpenes Packs

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Cali Terpenes Packs

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