Our Lifestyle

Our work is a direct reflection of our values and life style, as we’re lucky to be able to have turned our passion for nature into a project that grows year after year and reaches thousands of people around the world.

What started as a hobby turned into a lifestyle

The search for this connection with nature started as a way to escape the concrete jungle, and it soon turned into an obsession, and then a lifestyle. In our journeys to the different corners of the planet, we realized something magic was happening – we felt better!

This couldn’t be just down to ditching our routine and getting away from the bustling life in the city, there had to be much more. We discovered that it was terpenes, and without realizing, we had been absorbing all of the beneficial properties produced by these aromatic molecules, that can be found everywhere in nature.


Discovering the endocannabinoid system

We started to learn and investigate more about how they interact with our bodies, and we discovered that cannabis produces some of the most complex terpene profiles of all plants. Their other compounds, such as cannabinoids, also interact with the body via a series of receptors that we have; the endocannabinoid system.

The combination of receptors found in various organs called the endocannabinoid receptor is in charge of keeping the body working and balanced, so essentially, our overall health.


Destigmatizing cannabis: much more than THC

We’re fascinated at the fact that cannabis can contribute to our wellbeing, which is why we wanted to find a way to make sure the properties of this age old plant are available to everyone. The psychoactivity of THC has given cannabis a social stigma that stops a lot of people from learning about the beneficial effects produced by other compounds such as terpenes.

Cali Terpenes breaks this stigma with their botanical terpene profiles, which don’t have any psychoactive effects, but they o have beneficial properties, as well as providing multiple products with special, characteristic cannabis aromas. We’re convinced that this amazing plant can contribute to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

We are what we eat

We believe that we are what we consume and everything we do has its consequences on our happiness. It has been proven that the endocannabinoid system regulates various important functions in the immune system as well as adjusting the mind and mood.

As well as cannabinoids such as CBD, exercise, certain habits and certain types of food can also be a mood booster. This is why we lead by example and promote a healthy lifestyle and create a product that can contribute to one.

Be Terpy, Be Happy

Little by little, we’ve created a large family of people that align with our values, and we’ve created amazing relationships that have strengthened this project.

Javi Garrido, Strength and Constance

Exercise is key, as it releases a series of endogenic substances to the body that can help fight stress and make you feel better; it’s known as runner’s high.

Recent studies have shown that it’s not just enough to be sporty; you have to enjoy the sport for this effect to take hold. A good example of this is our friend Javi Garrido, who’s turned her passion for skating into a lifestyle. At Cali Terpenes we love to enjoy life, which is why we support young athletes like Javiera and love their amazing energy.

Chema Malavia, Beating the Limits

Dominating a sport requires consistency and perseverance, a philosophy that helps develop good habits such as putting off other activities in order to support the long-term plan. Sports, in a society that promotes immediate gratification, are something that can help towards improving mental health and well being.

The capacity to suppress immediate gratification and postpone it actually helps to develop the frontal lobe, which is in charge of making rational decisions. This causes the fight or flight response to be deactivated, lowering the secretion of cortisol, a hormone which can keep the body on high alert. Chema Malavia, who has competed on a professional level in the modern Pentathlon, knows exactly what effort and sacrifice means. He uses CBD and different terpene profiles to speed up recoveries after working out and to relax after intense sessions.

DJ Rambla, a Passion for Passion

We’ve spend decades learning more about the repercussions of the endocannabinoid system on the body and how cannabis can play an important part in this.

Nowadays, we know that research has been able to prove that doing sprots in nature activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces stress – much more than in other environments! Thanks to advances in neuroscience, we know that our brain changes in real time depending on what we pay attention to, this is called neuroplasticity. Essentially, doing sports in nature can be a mood booster, which is why we never miss a single day out with friends, such as DJ Rambla, who has combined his two passions for the best possible lifestyle.

Joan, I never said it was easy

When we started this journey we knew it wasn’t going to be easy; decades of stigma behind cannabis and its derivates don’t just disappear. However, when we look back, we’re not only satisfied with what we’ve managed to accomplish, we’re also incredibly proud of creating a healthier lifestyle and being able to have fun doing so. Many people thought we were crazy when we started this, but we know that just because it hadn’t been done before that didn’t mean it was impossible. We’ve proven that limits are meant to be broken!

Mau, constance, passion and identity

Sharp Blenz and Loyalty Barbershop Bcn are two special barbershop’s located in the heart of the city of Barcelona, established under values similar to Cali terpenes.

Forging their own identity and community based on perseverance, love for the profession, attention to detail, and trying to go further than ever before are just some of the ideals that we chare (as well as a little CBD every now and then to reduce the day to day grind.)