Sustainability and Responsibility

When we started this project we were quite clear that our company had to be aligned with our personal values. We love nature, which is why we make sure that everything we do has almost no impact on the planet. Our objective is to implement measures designed to give nature back what it offers us.

How to We Take Care of the Environment at Cali Terpenes?

We believe that we’re an important part of a larger ecosystem, which means our role is not to “extract” the benefits nature offers, but rather create a symbiosis, a sustainable chain that has a positive effect on the environment. We do this in various different ways:

Diversified Agriculture

Our terpene profiles are extracted from different fruit and plants, not from cannabis plants. We promote the diversification of plants and different crops, which has many eco benefits:

  • It prevents the ground from becoming inert & promotes better fertilizing.
  • It improves water retention in the ground, improving its structure.
  • It promotes fertility and increases nutrient availability.
  • It favors soil-life – microorganisms that have symbiotic relationships with plants and improve their health.

Recycle, Reuse… Nothing gets thrown away!


  • Recyclable containers: we’re especially concerned with containers ending up where they shouldn’t once they’ve been used, which is why we’re a member of Ecoemebes, a non-profit organization that’s in charge of recycling containers produced by companies in order to contribute to reducing waste. Thanks to them, we’re sure that our containers will be recycled once we’re done with them.
  • Day to day sustainable practices: we’re aware that you should lead by example, and each small gesture helps. This is why we use recycling and minimizing waste methods when it comes to one-use products. We don’t like the idea of programmed obsolescence – we always prioritize reusable, long lasting and high-quality products.
  • Waste handling: we work with a company that handles waste in the correct way in order to treat our excess or out of date products.
  • 0 Residue Campaigns: in order to not get rid of products that are close to their sell-by date, we often have big promotional discount campaigns. This is a great way to make sure we’re not creating unnecessary waste, giving consumers access to a product that can still be consumed, with the same quality as the rest of our products, so they can access them at a much better price.

Collaboration with Plant for the Planet: Reforesting Doñana

Plant for the Planet is a non-profit organization that has spent over a decade reforesting important environmental areas around the planet. When we found out about their work, we felt connected to their mission and values, which is why we decided to help out where we could with one of their projects; reforesting the national Doñana park.

This area, located in Pinar de las Peñuelas (Mazagón, Huelva) suffered a massive forest fire in 2017 that, not only destroyed the trees and plant species in the area, but also ended the lives of many different species of wildlife.


The objective of this project by Plant for the Planet Spain is to recover the biodiversity in that area; this will be achieved by planting over 600,000 new trees! This is how this space is going to recover; it’s been declared a world heritage site and it’s one of the largest eco reserves in Europe, with over 200 thousand different types of species.

In order to make this possible, Cali Terpenes puts a percentage of their annual sales towards this project – we can’t think of a better than to give nature its power back than by creating new forests. This is why we started collaborating by planting 500 trees with this amazing project in 2021.


Responsibility: it all adds up

Sustainability and Responsibility are not exclusive to ecology and the environment. We think that any company activity should also keep social and ethical values in mind in order to help create a better world; that’s why we’re implemented a series of necessary measures:

The correct packaging and labeling of our products:
On all containers you’ll find logos that help you understand what to do and what NOT to do with our terpenes:

  • Warning: advertencia terpenos this disclaimer is designed to call the consumers attention to the necessary procedure for using the product.
  • Flammable: advertencia inflamable terpenos although all terpenes are not flammable (only some, and not in all proportions), we still keep this warning on our containers. Keep in mind that our product is quite special, as it involves complex terpene profiles, which combine multiple terpenes for unique aromas.
  • Irritant: advertencia irritabilidad terpenos in such a pure state, some terpenes can be irritable for the airways; prolonged exposure to certain pure terpenes can be irritable, which is why you should always follow the instructions and use the indicated proportions of terpenes – when used correctly they are perfectly safe.
  • Fish: advertencia pez terpenos there is a balanced ecosystem in the ocean that can easily be changed if we put rubbish into it – our terpenes may be 100% organic, but this doesn’t mean that they belong in the ocean. Terpenes and aerosols in our terps spray must always be thrown away in the correct container.

Social Responsibility

better as individuals and as a society. It’s incredible that we still have to talk about, in our day and age, issues such as the salary gap or cultural discrimination – however, they are issues that still exist.

In our team, there’s no room for discrimination – the gender of a person or the country they are from are not issues in a work place, or in any other place. We’re happy with our big family, with its multicultural background, enriching our team as a whole.

Health and Risk Reduction

One of our main objectives when we created our range of e-liquids was to reduce health-risks derived from consuming tobacco and burning it.

This is why we’ve created a product that we 100% believe in, and we produce all types of content that can help consumers use our products in a way that’s much healthier.

Our bodies are essentially machines that need the odd adjustment to go back to normal, which is why sometimes we’re closer to our goal than we think; just a few healthier habits, and knowing how to use the tools that nature gives us.

Our mission is to educate the public about everything that we have learned over the last few decades, and we do it using our social media accounts and out blog whenever we can.

Plus, our terpenes allow consumers to enjoy the aroma, flavor and benefits of terpenes in any occasion without needing to smoke to enjoy them.


Cannabis, Conscience, and the era of Fake News

We’re aware that we live under a constant barrage of information; consumers are usually overwhelmed by the huge amount of information available online, and it’s not always from reliable sourced.

A good example of this is how cannabis has been treated in the media. Due to legal issues, during decades this plant has either been demonized or idealized, two opposite ends of the fight that haven’t contributed to offering real, contrasted information.

At Cali Terpenes we want to destigmatize cannabis using useful and trustworthy information about its uses and possible effects. There’s a lot more to it than just THC; cannabis is made up of cannabinoids and terpenes that have multiple beneficial effects and don’t product any type of psychoactive effect. We’d like the world to know about all of these properties and help consumers to discover cannabis safely.

Our Promise: Your success is our success; we only share content that we have been able to prove with our own experience as well as scientific research and studies.