Food and Future

The ingredientes of the future

The aroma and flavor of cannabis are two of the characteristics that have made this plant so popular. Nowadays, we know that terpenes are responsible for all of this – the aromatic compounds that can be found in trichomes and are the exact same as others found in fruit and vegetables including lavender and lemon.

We’ve realized, through experience, that there are a lot of consumers that are fascinated by the aroma produced by cannabis strains, although they don’t enjoy the psychoactive effects produced by cannabinoids such as THC. Our terpene profiles with cannabis aromas are ideal for enjoying delicious aromas without any type of psychoactive effect.


Terpenes and food: a new world of flavors

Can you imagine being able to experience completely new flavors? Cannabis terpene profiles are an exotic way to introduce new flavors to the world of gastronomy.

When we started to explore the culinary possibilities that terpenes offer, we realize that we had found something that would revolutionize the gastro scene. Cannabis flavors add a delicious and surprising hint to any dish or beverage, which is why many chefs, cocktail experts and food companies have started using them in their creations.


We have a range of 47 dissolvable terpenes, ideal for any dish as well as cocktails. Cali Terpenes has created a range of terpenes that dissolve better in liquids for a more even flavor when creating beverages.

The latest revolution, Terps Spray, allows you to distribute aromas quickly and easily over large amounts of food.

What can Terpenes be Used in?

The answer is simple – in practically everything. However, you’ll need to keep in mind that when you use terpenes, you should only use small amounts so you don’t overdo the aroma.

On the other hand, terpenes are quite volatile elements, and we recommend using them in cold processes only in order to avoid aroma loss.


As an example, and so that you can imagine it, these are some of the examples of food and beverages in which our terpenes are used:

  • Starters and snacks: fries, cereal bars, sauces, honeys, jams, fruit conserves, compotes, syrups etc..
  • Sauces and honeys: jams, honeys, compotes, olive oil etc
  • Ice-cream and lactose products: icecream, butter, creams, yoghurts, milkshakes…
  • Desserts: bakery, cookies, chewing-hum, hard and soft candy, sweets, jelly, bread, chocolate, cakes…
  • Alcoholic beverages: drinks, liquors, shots, creams, aperitives, beer, wine-based drinks, sangrias, flavored alcoholic combinations…
  • Soft drinks: carbonate water, soft drinks, flavored water, tonics…

Like we said, the use of terpenes in recipes is becoming more popular as it allows professionals in the sector to create innovative recipes with which they can surprise their guests.

For example, Chef Xavi Petit lets his creativity fly using terpenes as a tool in his recipes – the food of the future is here!

Create your own range of products using Cali Terpenes

We love sharing our knowledge about cannabis terpene profiles with other projects so that new revolutionary products can be born.

Companies around the world have launched various ranges and special edition products using our terpenes, such as Cerveja Nortada in Portugal, Sir Hopper, Temple Beer and Sanson Craft in Argentina, Local Only Brewing Co in Brazil and Alameda Beer Company in Chile.

cerveza cannabica

They’re also used in sweet creations such as Aluenpatagonia artisanal ice cream, which has combinations of classic flavors and cannabis aromas, and Wake and Bakery, a bakery in Barcelona that makes delicious desserts and bakery using hemp-based ingredients and adding in terpene profiles, offering a unique cannabis flavor.

Do you dare create your own dishes with terpenes?

Cooking with terpenes is much easier than what it looks like, although many believe that it’s complex – anybody can do it!


In order to make this task much easier and let your imagination run wild, we’ve shared a series of drink and food recipes using terpenes by amazing chefs such as Chef420grados and Xavi Petit, as well as other collaborators and our very own team – they’re easy to make and provide absolutely spectacular results.