Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology at service of Nature

When we discovered the amazing potential behind cannabis terpenes, we realized that there had to be a more efficient, sustainable and precise way to create terpenes other than using cannabis flowers. This method, while it works and it produces amazing aromas, it doesn’t produce very many terpenes and is quite an unstable product.

It’s impossible to guarantee the same aroma when using different cannabis plants, as it can vary depending on the phenotype and other factors such as the growing conditions.

Plus, we also realized that cannabis terpene profiles contain traces of other elements (some of which are toxic) that caused terpenes to deteriorate after a few months. This causes a loss in aroma and a change from the original strain. It was an unstable product that didn’t last very long.

That’s why we decided to use technology to nature’s benefit, in order to extract the best we could in the most respectful and effective way. This started off our search for a team of professionals that could help us make this dream a reality; creating terpene profiles using botanical terpenes that come from other plants, which are not cannabis – this allows us to replicate the exact aroma produced by some of the most acclaimed strains in the world.

Cali Terpenes: When Science Meets Nature

Getting the Dream Team Together: Innovation Starts With Professionality

Finding the right people for the different phases our project required wasn’t easy, as it involved professionals from different sectors. However, we got there and today our terpene manufacturing process has 3 different phases:


Cannabis breeders

Everything starts with that wonderful aroma; we were after strains with the perfect qualities, known around the world. Once we’ve found a candidate (a cannabis strain with a truly special aroma), our breeders in Europe and California take a sample from each plant, using elite clones (which means, the best and most special phenotype of each strain).

Aroma Experts and Biotechnologists

Once we’ve obtained a sample of the selected plant (terpene extraction), it’s sent to the lab where our team of experts analyzes the terpene profile so it can be replicated exactly. They use top of the range analytic systems, establishing a pattern that can be used to recreate the specific terpene profiles in the exact same quantity every time. Essentially, we obtain the mold with which we can recreate terpene profiles in a stable way.


Once we have the mold, we obtain the materials needed, which is to say terpenes, which come from different plants and fruit. However, before combining them in order to create terpenes, we analyze their quality to make sure that there aren’t any other elements that might contaminate the mix, making sure that it meets the necessary standards.

Once the terpene profile has been created, production can begin. Each batch is ALWAYS carefully controlled and checked – this is the only way to guarantee quality and safety standards that Cali Terpenes has become known for in the sector.


We haven’t forgotten about where we’re from, and although technology is catching up and sometimes more efficient than people, we’re aware that machines are missing out on that human element. This is why, when we’ve developed a new product (a new cannabis aroma profile) we send it to the most efficient text there is; our breeders’ specialized, trained sense of smell – they’ve spent decades researching and experiencing this amazing plant.

Once they’ve approved it, we know that we’ve gotten in right, reproducing an aroma that so many experienced consumers enjoy.


Not only do we invest in technology, we’ve also created innovative products to satisfy all types of needs that, until now, had been ignored.


Our Terps Spray is a product that we developed when we realized that the biggest issues consumers were facing was how to apply terpenes evenly to food or dry herbs. Terpene profiles are so highly concentrated that if you make the smallest mistake when applying them you could end up with too intense of an aroma or flavor.

That’s why we decided to develop a terpene spray format, something never-before seen on the market, that thousands of consumers are benefitting from nowadays. It’s the easiest and fastest way to evenly spread terpenes to different textures, whether it’s food or plant material.

We applied the same logic to our e-liquids; the main idea was to design a specific product to reduce the risks associated with vaping, which is why we decided to get help from professionals in the sector.

Dr Mariano Garcia de Palau showed us that various studies done pointed towards health risks associated with excessively consuming e-liquids being caused by excessive amounts of vegetable glycerin and excessive vaping temperatures. This is why our e-liquids were made in collaboration with an expert in cannabinoids, terpenes and vaping – they offer the lowest glycerin concentration on the market, and we always recommend vaping at low strengths.

This has made our GMO-free, high-quality e-liquids with ingredients sourced from Europe, one of the safest and highest quality products in the sector.

Innovation in other Sectors

We know that we have quite an innovative product on our hands, that’s still quite unknown; people often talk about other compounds in cannabis such as THC, but not many people know about the potential of terpenes.


When other companies contact us to include our terpenes in their products, such as cosmetics or the food industry, we share our know how with them so they can get the best results, making sure to keep client confidentiality at all times.

We believe that cannabis aromas are a breath of fresh air for many different industries and products. That’s why we want to help others to innovate with their own products, standing by revolutionary ideas that are designed to widen the aromas and flavors in our day to day lives.