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Terps Spray Pack USA 1 5ml by Cali Terpenes


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The "USA 1 Terps Spray Pack" contains 5 Terps Spray known as US strains (5 in total) so that you can enjoy amazing American terpene profiles (cannabis aromas) in this format, creating many different products.

Thanks to its unique mister, Terps Spray allows you to quickly, easily and evenly add aroma to your products.

Save money on your purchases with our Terps Spray Packs!

Available in 5ml and 15ml terpene formats. Strains:

Format: Format: 5 strains x 5 ml
  • 5 strains x 5 ml
  • 5 strains x 15 ml

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Terps Spray® is a revolutionary system designed to add cannabis terpenes by Cali Terpenes (cannabis aromas) easily to all types of products; food, flowers, herbal extracts etc.

This USA Terpene Spray pack is an amazing pack designed to allow consumers to experience amazing US flavors and find their favorite.

After years of investigation and analyses of consumers’ needs, Cali Terpenes has finally offered a definitive solution to easily add terpenes in a comfortable, concentrated spray format.

For the first time, spraying terpenes is an easy, quick task with even results. This is all thanks to a special valve designed for mist spray, specifically.

All ingredients used in Terps Spray are food-grade and have been packaged under current regulations. Made using high quality materials from no-GMO crops, without pesticides or contaminating agents. Contains nitrogen that simply pushes the terpenes (without mixing with them) towards the valve, acting as a pressure sprayer.

A true revolution when it comes to the food and cannabis industry, among others.

Terps Spray does NOT contain cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBN etc.)

Make the most of this offer and get your hands on a pack with strains from our entire catalogue.

Cali Terpenes terpene profiles have many different uses, although our Terps Spray format is mainly used to add aromas and flavors of specific cannabis strains to products such as:

  • Food (Dishes, snacks, desserts…)


  • Flowers and dry herbs


  • Extractions and resin


If you need more information on how to use Terps Spray, check out our post on What Terps Spray is and How to Use it, or the following link:


Terps Spray is available in formats of 5ml and 15ml terpenes.

The steps to follow in order to quickly add aroma to any product is easy:

  • Spray above the desired product, around 35 – 45cm away, making swift hand movements around evenly to make sure that it’s a balanced experience.
  • Once sprayed (on both sides) mix if necessary or possible, and store in an airtight container for the best results and aroma preservation.
  • One second of spraying is about 0.4 – 0.8ml of aroma, depending on how hard the nozzle is pressed.


  • Do not shake before or during use.
  • The amount of aroma use should never be over 4% of the desired products total weight.
  • Usually less is more, keep this in mind for the perfect aroma.

Take a look at this video to make the most out of the last drop of your Terps Spray:

The terpenes used in Terps Spray are 100% pure, so they need to be handled with caution and should never be consumed without being mixed with the destined product (except for cold tastings, in which terpenes are used in their pure state).

Once diluted in the desired product and in the right proportion, terpenes are 100% safe and provide aromas and other benefits.

*It's recommended to test quantities starting at the lowest, as our terpenes have an easily intense aroma and flavor when used.

Check out our terpene guide to find out more about terpene uses and methods.

Edibles and Beverages

The correct proportion of our terpenes (cannabis aromas) recommended for food and beverages is a lot lower than that used in e-liquids and cannabis products.

The amount of terpenes always depends on the base of the food or beverage being made, as well as the process used.

We recommend using terpenes during the cold processes and when there are no pressure changes (for example, vacuum drying) as this stops possible evaporation and allows for them to fully dissolve and be absorbed into the food or beverage.

Some examples of proportions used in food and beverages are:

  • Ice cream: from 0.025 to 0.1ml for approx. 1kg depending on the desired intensity
  • Beer: from 0.01 to 0.05ml terpenes for approx. 1L of beer, depending on the type of beer, the point of the process in which terpenes are added, and the desired intensity.
  • Soda water: from 0.01 to 0.05ml for approx. 1L of water, depending on the desired intensity.
  • Oils: from 0.1 to 0.3ml terpenes per 1L of oil, approx., depending on the intensity of the oil and the desired aromatic intensity.
  • Honey: from 0.1 to 0.5ml of terpenes for 1 to 2kg of honey approx. depending on the intensity of the oil and the aromatic intensity desired.
  • Chocolate: from 0.25 to 1ml per approx. 1KG, depending on the type of chocolate and aromatic intensity desired.

*In most cases, letting terpenes sit for a while can help them settle better. For example, honey with terpenes has more flavor 24h after applying compared to freshly applied.



Hemp or Cannabis Flowers

Terpenes can also be used to increase and improve the aroma produced by hemp or cannabis flowers (buds). It's not recommended to add over 4% terpenes to flowers, and in some cases you may need to use even less as the flowers may already contain some of their own terpenes. An excess of terpenes can produce an intense aroma that may be too much and not pleasant at all.

Around 5ml of terps Spray can be used to add aroma easily to 500-1000g of product, and some consumers use it for even larger amounts; as we were saying, the material used to start with may already contain terpenes or maybe a lighter aroma is preferred.

It's highly recommended to store flowers in an airtight container, which will allow terpenes to fully penetrate the flowers, providing a more balanced aroma.

Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates

The recommended and most common amount of terpenes used to add enough flavor and aroma to dry extracts (dry hash or traditional hash), jelly, BHO (wax, shatter, live resin...) rosin or THC and CBD distillates is between 1 and 3% terpenes (you can use up to 4% maximum, although the norm is 2-3%).

Around 5ml of terps Spray can be used to add aroma easily to 500-1000g of product, and some consumers use it for even larger amounts; as we were saying, the material used to start with may already contain terpenes or maybe a lighter aroma is preferred.

  • Terpenes are volatile compounds, their recommended storage is in a fridge (approx. 7 degrees C) to avoid evaporation when use.
  • The temperature at which terpenes are handled should never go over 60ºC to avoid evaporating the most volatile terpenes.
  • Cali Terpenes is registered as an exporting company with the FDA (Food and Drugs Association).
  • Terps Spray is registered as a food-grade aroma, following all packaging, labelling and tracing guidelines.

If you need technical details or safety information regarding our products, get in touch with us.

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Questions (5)

From Ernest Perkins | 2024-04-23 08:01:55

Hi ..are they already in a spray can as shown ? I’ve ordered from another company as a trial run and I was sent little viles and not the spray bottle as pictured on their site.


Hello, our sprays have always been in the format you can see in the image. If you check the information, you'll find links to videos where you can see exactly what they're like. We don't offer small spray vials yet.

Cali Terpenes

From Musr | 2023-05-08 14:57:31

Does the spray add flavor to the herb or ONLY AROMA?


Yes they add odor and also flavor.

Cali Terpenes

From Crystal | 2022-11-25 19:38:45

How do u know the cost in US currency


Hello Crystal,
you can change the currency on the menu, near the language.

Cali Terpenes

From Ernest Richardson | 2022-07-31 03:16:00

Do ship to Missouri


yes, we ship to all the states.

Cali Terpenes

From Fabian Clark | 2022-05-08 00:27:10

Do you ship to California?


Hello Fabian,

Yes, we do ship to California.

Cali Terpenes Team

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