The Power of Nature

We are Nature

We believe in the power of nature and that we are intrinsically linked to it. It’s this curiosity and love for plants that has taken us to go to some of the farthest corners of the planet; from the Costa Rican forest, through the mystical and aromatic Jamaica, even the Californian Sequoia forests; we’ve learned to love our connection with nature.


On this two decade journey, we learnt how to grow our own food and we started to study the purpose of each plant in its natural environment, learning about their properties and uses. However, there was one plant in particular that caught our attention – cannabis. Its complex composition, which offers a world of possibilities and uses on a medicinal level, was a hidden treasure, as hardly any research had been done. That’s why we started out on our own journey, to learn everything we could about its compounds; cannabinoids such as CBD have been proven to have many different properties, plus…

We discovered the power of terpenes!

Cannabis Terpenes – a World to Discover

Terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor produced by cannabis strains, and each strain has a unique terpene profile that gives it that unique, distinguished aroma that’s different from all other strains. We discovered that all of these profiles had different proportions of different terpenes such as Limonene, Myrcene, Humulene and many more – these compounds are also found in other plants such as lavender, cloves etc.

Terpenes, as well as giving cannabis its aroma and flavor, do not produce any psychoactive effects, but they do have their own beneficial effects. That’s why we wanted to learn, and we got together a group of scientists to investigate and research the properties and uses of terpenes in an isolated manner, as well as the effect known as the “entourage effect”.

The most abundant terpene in Haze strains.

A common terpene with multiple benefits.

Un terpeno con el que interactuamos los animales

Similarities between Cannabis and Other Common Plants

We had found something magical, and we wanted to go even further; what if we made terpenes available to everyone? And so Cali Terpenes was born, with one simple mission; to give nature its power back and to teach the world about the possibilities of botanic science. This project was born to use technology and innovation in our favor, and also to show the general public that cannabis, a plant that has been stigmatized for decades due to some of its psychoactive compounds such as THC, has a lot in common with other plants and fruit we consume in our day to day.

Some terpenes are the same that can be found in plants such as ginger or mandarins.

What does this fruit have in common with cannabis?

Incredibly similar

Medicinal power and similarities

Enjoy Cannabis’s Flavor and Aroma Without Psychoactive Effects

Speaking from experience, we know that not all consumers are after the psychoavtie effect associated with cannabis; this plant has a lot more to offer.

That’s why we wanted to make sure everybody had access to the power of nature, offering beneficial effects from terpene profiles found in cannabis to those that don’t want or can’t deal with the psychoactive effects produced by THC, enjoying characteristic aromas and their benefits. It’s a great way to get this amazing plant closer to the general public, gaining visibility and making its compounds more accessible – thousands of consumers can now enjoy this amazing cannabis aroma that many of us have fallen in love with.

Both cannabinoids and terpenes have therapeutic value, especially when they’re consumed together – we were mentioning this earlier, the entourage effect. This isn’t us talking, it’s science! Many studies have proven that certain terpenes can reduce anxiety, and that cannabinoids alongside terpenes modify and change their health benefits.

Descubre el poder ansiolítico de algunos terpenos

The link between terpenes and cannabinoids

¿Se pueden vapear los terpenos? ¿Qué efectos tienen?

Essentially, we want to make sure everyone is as passionate about nature as we are, informing consumers of terpenes’ multiple benefits. We’re bound to creating the best, organically sourced products we possibly can, as well as educating and researching, providing useful information. We think we can all work together to create a better world. Want to come along?